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Notebook: NCAA Can Use Information From Beaty Case

Oh, your playing days are over, my friend. But you can always fall back on your degree in...Communications?! Oh, dear lord!

Texas v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Rock Chaklboard

Depositions in Beaty lawsuit can be part of KU infractions case, NCAA committee chair says; decision could affect basketball case too |
Depositions from University of Kansas Athletic Director Jeff Long and two former football assistant coaches taken as part of former football coach David Beaty’s lawsuit against KU over his firing can be part of KU’s NCAA infractions case, a newly released ruling from the chair of the NCAA Committee on Infractions shows

ESPN panel ranks Wilt Chamberlain No. 6 player in NBA history
Per the basketball-reference logs, Chamberlain was a seven-time scoring champion, 11-time rebounding champion, four-time MVP and 10-time All-NBA honoree. He also won two NBA championships. For that, ESPN ranked him at No. 6 on their list of the greatest NBA players of all-time.

KU football 'checked all the boxes' for D.J. Eliot
"We chatted up for a while,” Eliot told Voice of the Jayhawks Brian Hanni on the newest episode of the Jayhawker podcast. “At the end of the conversation he says, 'Hey, I've done my research and I want you to know that you're my guy for my coordinating job and I want you. What do you think?' And I said, ‘Coach, well I'm definitely interested.’"

Updated top 25 projections for college basketball season
The 2020-21 college basketball season is likely to be seen as a case study on what might have been if the conclusion of last year had not been prematurely reached.

Bits o Chalk

Eagles' Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz express support, sorrow after George Floyd's death
"Can't even fathom what the black community has to endure on a daily basis," Wentz wrote. "Being from North Dakota, I've spent a large part of my life surrounded by people of similar color, so I'm never gonna act like I know what the black community goes through or even has gone through already. I'll never know the feeling of having to worry about my kids going outside because of their skin color."

Minor League Baseball cuts hundreds of players amid pandemic, sources say
Team officials said a vast majority of the players likely would have been released toward the end of spring training even if baseball hadn't been halted by the coronavirus pandemic, according to sources. But the cuts en masse, which could wind up numbering more than 1,000, nevertheless reverberated around the game, sources said. Released players expressed fear that their careers would be over, and those whose teams hadn't yet made cuts prepared for a tenuous next few days, sources said.

NFL, EA agree to extend Madden video game through 2026
The current contract was set to expire after the 2021 season. The extension means that EA Sports will continue to be the league's exclusive publisher of football simulation games through 2026.

Eraser Dust

Opinion | Of Course There Are Protests. The State Is Failing Black People. - The New York Times
The collapse of politics and governance leaves no other option.

Twitter Hides Trump's Tweet On Minneapolis, Saying It Glorifies Violence : NPR
President Trump said he will "send in the National Guard" to restore order to Minneapolis, which has been wracked by protests and looting following the death of George Floyd, a black man, after he was pinned to the ground for several minutes by a white police officer. "When the looting starts, the shooting starts," Trump said, prompting Twitter to hide the message for, in its view, "glorifying violence."

Liam Gallagher offers support to Robbie Williams
Replying to a tweet of Williams discussing his experiencing with depression in a video ad for Weight Watchers, the Oasis singer wrote: "Oi Robbie balboa it’s LG I hear you got s*** going down in your fam I’m sorry to hear that love n light going out to your family stay cool and in tune LG x."(sic)

Breonna Taylor: 7 people shot in protests over the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor, police say - CNN
Outcry over the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor reached a boiling point overnight Thursday in Louisville, Kentucky, when gunfire erupted during protests and audio was released of Taylor's boyfriend's call to 911 the day of her death.

Kalispell Kreamery owners open Kalispell Beef Company
“And so we thought that this might be a really good opportunity for us to be able to provide the community with a need, as well as for us to try something new that we had kind of been considering, but weren’t quite wanting to take that leap yet,” said Tuck.

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