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Notebook: Roy Williams Discusses Leaving Kansas

I’m here because Johnny-boy hasn’t been able to cut it, *man-wise*, for some time, not that I’d want his odour of gin and sour defeat pressed against me

Roy Williams laughs Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Roy Williams: Decision to leave Kansas was career 'low point'
"I went through it in 2000 and I had promised Nick Collison I was going to be there his whole career," Williams recalled in the interview. "And I never could figure out how to justify leaving after I promised a kid. That was the biggest thing. There were some other things going on in 2003. We had changed athletic directors and I hadn’t promised anybody else that I would be there during that time period. It was really, really difficult."

2021 KU basketball commit Zach Clemence matured at young age
“Well, he’s had to mature at a very young age because he wanted to follow his dream of basketball," Dusti Clemence, Zach's mother, told "And so at the age of 14 I had to load him up and send him off to Vegas. And he lived out there, just an unfamiliar place, living with unfamiliar people and then he made it work.”

Three KU football questions entering the summer: Cornerbacks
The second year of the Les Miles-era of KU football is underway, but it is currently on hold due to the health situation in the country. All NCAA spring sports, including the spring slate for KU football, were called off.

Report: NCAA recommends independent panel for Kansas infractions
An independent panel has been recommended by the NCAA Committee on Infractions to rule on the University of Kansas infractions case, according to a Tuesday report by Yahoo Sports' Pete Thamel. The Jayhawks' would join NC State as the second from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York to be referred to the Independent Accountability Resolution Process (IARP), which the NCAA developed last year and is chaired by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Bits o Chalk

Ranking 2020 NFL offseasons from worst to first - Barnwell on the Raiders, Saints, 49ers, more
To measure how each team performed, I'm comparing their roster, cap situation and future draft capital at the beginning of the offseason to what they have in mid-May. The most important thing a team can do is add talent, so those that made significant inroads in improving their roster will rank highly, while those that saw key pieces leave without replacements won't. I also considered how each attacked their specific needs, how well they read the market and handled the financial side of their deals, and what they did to create future draft picks.

Tom Glavine -- Players at risk of taking blame if baseball season called off
"If it were to come down to an economic issue and that's the reason baseball didn't come back, you're looking at a situation similar to the strike of '94 and '95 as far as fans are concerned," Glavine said. "Even if players were 100% justified in what they were complaining about, they're still going to look bad."

Horace Grant says Michael Jordan lied in 'Last Dance,' calls him 'snitch'
"Lie, lie, lie. ... If MJ had a grudge with me, let's settle this like men," Grant said during the interview. "Let's talk about it. Or we can settle it another way. But yet and still, he goes out and puts this lie out that I was the source behind [the book]. Sam and I have always been great friends. We're still great friends. But the sanctity of that locker room, I would never put anything personal out there. The mere fact that Sam Smith was an investigative reporter. That he had to have two sources, two, to write a book, I guess. Why would MJ just point me out?

Governor not happy Ben Roethlisberger went for a haircut during coronavirus pandemic
During his daily briefing Tuesday, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf criticized Roethlisberger's recent trip to Norman's Cuttin' Edge Barbershop in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, to get his hair cut and beard trimmed following a workout with his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates.

Former NFL star Chad Johnson leaves $1,000 tip at reopened Florida restaurant
"Congrats on re-opening, sorry about the pandemic, hope this helps. I LOVE YOU," Johnson wrote Monday on his $37 tab. He tweeted a photo of the receipt from Havana's Cuban Cuisine in Cooper City with the caption "Proverbs 11:25," a bible verse that states "a generous person will prosper, whoever refreshes others will be refreshed."

Eraser Dust

Michigan governor orders thousands to evacuate after 2 dams failed, saying one city could be under '9 feet of water' - CNN
"If you have a family member or loved one who lives in another part of the state, go there now," she said. "If you don't, go to one of the shelters that have opened across the county."

Fire Breaks Out at Grain Elevator in Kalispell - Flathead Beacon
“There was a significant quantity of smoke and flame that was visible from Center Street in the middle of town, so it was easily recognizable from some distance that they had a working structure fire,” Campbell said.

Jerry Seinfeld Decides To Walk On 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee'
Said Seinfeld on the conference call, “We haven’t planned anything with that show. I feel like I did that tour… I know they look very casual and easy but they’re actually a lot of work to make, the editing is very intense and I don’t know, I feel like I may have done that exploration at this point.”

Michigan secretary of state says all voters will get absentee ballot applications by mail | TheHill
Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) announced Tuesday that all of the state’s registered voters will receive applications for absentee ballots in the mail this year in an effort to avoid crowded polling places amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Justice Department warns California about its coronavirus restrictions on churches
The Justice Department on Tuesday sent a letter to California Gov. Gavin Newsom expressing concerns about how soon churches will be allowed to resume in-person services and raising Constitutional issues.

Johnson & Johnson to discontinue sales of talc-based baby powder in U.S., Canada - CBS News
"Demand for talc-based Johnson's Baby Powder in North America has been declining due in large part to changes in consumer habits and fueled by misinformation around the safety of the product and a constant barrage of litigation advertising," the company said in a statement.

NASA finds evidence of parallel universe where time runs backward: report
The concept of a parallel universe has been around since the early 1960s, mostly in the minds of fans of sci-fi TV shows and comics, but now a cosmic ray detection experiment has found particles that could be from a parallel realm that also was born in the Big Bang, the Daily Star reported.

Michael Jordan Wasn't Poisoned By A Pizza, Says The Man Who Claims He Made The Pizza
Jordan apparently ordered a large, thin-crust pie with extra pepperoni, and Fite made sure everything turned out well because it was going to a player, although he did not know at the time who it was for. He also made it clear that it was a “crap story” that five folks delivered it, stressing that it was only him and a driver, and remembered that getting onto the floor with the Bulls felt like they got “punched in the face with cigar smoke.”