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Player Ratings to the Theme of Common Misspellings

Yes, I’m an English teacher.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Kansas William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

As a teacher, I see a plethora of misspellings. As a twitter user (where you might’ve clicked from to get to this article), you might see even more than I do. If you’re on the internet at all, you’ve seen a million misspellings. Today, we’re going to examine some of the most obvious errors.

5 Stars: Dok v Doke

Hey, I had to do it. This was debated yesterday, but after Ukoka Azubuike (I’m leaving this spelling error as it highlights my stupidity which is needed sometimes) had the game of his life on senior night, I thought I’d make him the auto-five-star.

The big man had a ridiculous game where he was basically “rest of teaming” (where the TV network is obliged to put up a certain player’s stats in comparison to what the rest of his teammates were doing) KU for the entire first half. Dok finished with 31 and 14 rebounds. He also added five blocks.

4 Stars: You’re v Your / They’re v Their v There

The OGs. The classics. These are the spelling and grammar mishaps that will never be fixed. Never. They just won’t. Let’s stop trying and make them interchangeable. On second thought, let’s not.

Devon Dotson somehow always gets 18 points. Even when he seemingly struggles.

Marcus Garrett. I’m putting Marcus here because there was a sequence where he just decided to dominate and got an assist, a steal, and then forced a turnover.

3 Stars: It’s v Its

Another classic! Contractions and possessives aren’t hard people. This one is a little less egregious than the there debacle and the your catastrophe, but it’s close.

Ochai Agbaji had a spurt where he dunked, banked one it, and made a lay-up. Offensively, he didn’t do much else.

Isaiah Moss nailed a three on his senior night. He finished with five points.

I thought that Christian Braun was the best of the subs and probably more effective than the two listed above him. He knows how to rebound and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

2 Stars: Lose v Loose

Is it really that hard people? They are not even close. But, hey, these are constantly being used improperly for some unknown reason.

David McCormack didn’t do much, but it was Dok’s night, so we’ll let it slide.

1 Star: Crazy spelled names

Ok, this should probably be the five star, but since the person has no control over their name, I’ll let it slide. I’m talking the kind of name that has a normal spelling, but the parent changes it to make it “unique.” What kind of parent names their child Bryndynn?

No Rating:

Tristan Enaruna got a few novelty minutes.