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5 Ways to Memorialize the 2019-20 Kansas Jayhawks

From the ridiculous to the slightly less ridiculous

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Kansas William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

Since the season came to an abrupt end a few weeks ago, Bill Self has talked about wanting to find a way to memorialize this year’s Kansas Jayhawks, widely considered the best team in college basketball this year.

Don’t worry, coach, I’ve got a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. And yes, they may sound a bit extreme, but these are extreme times we’re living in these days. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and all that.

Note: Let’s not get the government involved like UCF a few years ago. Our politicians have more important things to worry about. We can handle this one.

Run It Back

Listen, one middle finger is already firmly up and pointed in the direction of the NCAA in Indianapolis. Why not throw that other one up and bring the entire team back for an encore performance next year, eligibility be damned? Make what we assumed could happen this year official with the exact same lineup. Though if Bryce Thompson still wants to come, we’ll find a way to work him into the equation.

Some convincing would be needed. For Dok, it’s a chance to make up for injured years and cement his legacy as one of the best Kansas big men in recent memory. For Dotson, the opportunity to impress at the combine and raise his draft stock is gone this season due to the coronavirus. Come back, show scouts consistency in the jump shot and passing, and secure a first-round draft grade.

Put the Team in Bronze

Want to memorialize the team and ensure they are remembered for years? Statues last a long time. There are several photos from the Big 12 championship celebration after the TCU game that would look good frozen in time. The only question is what six-foot space outside of the Fieldhouse would make the perfect home?

Hang the Banner

I’m not just talking about the “2020 National Champions” banner. I’m talking about a banner that would include all of Kansas’ No. 1 rankings (AP poll, Coaches poll, KenPom, Torvik, etc.) and whatever else needs to be articulated to give the team the credit it deserves. If it doesn’t all fit, just throw it on a second banner. We can make room.

Addition to The DeBruce Center

“On the right, you can see the original rules of basketball written by the founder of the game, James Naismith. And to your left is the KenPom page of the 2019-2020 Kansas Jayhawks, arguably the best team of the Bill Self era, autographed by the entire team.”

Parade Route Down Mass

Obviously this would be in August or September after the pandemic has (hopefully) subsided and we are able to safely stand within one Devon Dotson of each other. With the possibility of a championship parade taken away, why not give the team the send-off it deserves and offer some closure to fans and the community with a 10-mph drive down Mass Street?