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Player Ratings to the Theme of Topics that Get 100 Comments

Fire up the hot take artillery cannon!

Kansas v Kansas State Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

This is a post that will only appeal to those hardcore Rock Chalk Talk fans, but hey, who ever said we had to appeal to the masses on this site? No one, that’s who. So, as it came up (totally inartificially and completely organically) in last week’s player rating post, I thought we’d explore some of the most popular topics here at RCT. I’m sure I’ll get it all wrong, but you can correct me 100 times in the comments if you’d like. Here are the topics that can get 100 comments in a post.

5 Stars: Food Takes

We can thank Fizzle and his abundance of bad food takes here if you want, but pretty much any food or drink take is going to generate some comments. Did you know that some people don’t just not like coffee, but actually loathe it? I didn’t know those people existed, and now I do, thanks to Rock Chalk Talk.

Devon Dotson was the only standout in this game, but man, did he stand out. He finished with 25 points on eight of 11 shooting a going a perfect eight of eight from the line. There’s your Big XII POY right there folks.

4 Stars: Music

There have been more than a fair share of music takes in the OT thread here at the site. I think that alternative music opinions have garnered the most comments because of the demographics of the users. And hey, who wouldn’t want to debate the merits of Alice in Chains against Soundgarden?

No one else garnered a high score.

3.5 Stars: TV and Movies

I think you can get a 100 comment post by simply saying something like “The Office sucks and it’s not even funny.” Something like that might garner some passion around these parts.

Christian Braun was probably the second most effective player for KU. Nailed a couple of big threes and finished with six points and four rebounds. Good to see him inbounding the ball in late game, crucial situations.

3 Stars: Politics

You can easily get me and many others on this site going by mentioning the current state of American politics. As this can be somewhat contentious, it gets the three-star.

Imagine having the confidence that David McCormack has? That guy is willing to take a shot in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE no matter how stupid that circumstance is. Settle down, big guy. Each time you touch the ball isn’t an invite to take a 17 foot jumper with 23 seconds left on the shot clock.

Isaiah Moss tossed in six free throws on six attempts.

Marcus Garrett had his worst day in a while and KU still won.

2.5 Stars: Open Game Thread

These are always stacked with comments, but they are rarely substantial (because of the “in the moment” nature of the post) compared to the above hot topics.

Ochai Agbaji had a nice game on Monday and followed it up with another subpar offensive game. Also, KU won.

Udoka Azubuike played 20 minutes when he should’ve played four. That’s not the big man’s fault though, and let’s hope he’s fully ready to dominate again soon.

2 Stars: Mitch Lightfoot is the best and I love him’s P.E.C’s

This seemed to work like a charm last week although I have no idea what it means.

1 Star: Actual basketball and football articles

These rarely get anywhere close to 100 comments. Is this a KU site or something?

No one was a two or one star in this victory over K-State.