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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Kansas State Wildcats

The crew gets together to tell you what’s going to happen in today’s game.

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament-Kansas State vs. Texas Christian William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks are in Manhattan, KS this morning to take on the Kansas State Wildcats, trying to avoid a baffling loss that we be a significant hit to their case for the overall #1 seed. Can they stay focused and get the easy win that most seem to be expecting?

Take a look at what our staff thinks, and then leave your own prediction in the comments below.

dnoll5: I can see the K-State fanbase getting riled up for this one to the point where there will be multiple disturbances during the game. After all, and there’s no denying this, this is a fan base that hashtag lives this shit (trademark pending). So you’ll see the only packed house of the year, there will be plenty of (s)tools in the crowd, and the school sanctioned F-KU chant will rise like it’s their alma mater because it basically is. Oh, and KU will smash them. Kansas 90, K-State 50.

David: K-State has lost eight straight and they aren’t breaking that streak against the Jayhawks. There’s been a lot of talk about extra emotion and motivation or whatever because of the brawl, but from the outside it looks like KSU has so many problems of their own right now it’s hard to see them rallying together to play us tough. KSU at least had been playing good defense this year, but now they’ve allowed 1+ PPP in each of the last four games and they’re 8th in the Big 12 in defensive efficiency. It’s still a road game in a hostile environment so I won’t go overboard, but I don’t think this will be close. Kansas 72, Kansas State 55

Kyle_Davis21: To David’s point, the extra motivation for playing Kansas is probably negated by the fact that the Wildcats seem from afar to have not necessarily given up on Weber, but the relationship feels strained. KSU has scored 65 or more points just twice this month (67 is the high), which won’t be enough offensive firepower to get it done against KU. Kansas 77, Kansas State 61

Fizzle406: This is going to be a mauling. KU will maul k-state from the opening tip. Their fans will maul human decency and CBS will maul cutting to another game sometime in the second half. Kansas 82, K-State60, Audible fKU Chants 3

Brendan: There are two important things that stand out about this game. For one, KU is the best team in the county. Secondly, K-State is atrocious and getting worse. I know the Bramlage crowd will be fired up, but now amount of booing and chanting will change the fact that those dudes simply can’t hang with KU. Azubuike is going to make Makol Mawien want to quit basketball for good. Kansas 79, Kansas State 53

Mike.Plank: If Kansas doesn’t beat down K-State in a similar fashion to Michael Bolton beating down the printer in Office Space, I’ll be extremely disappointed. This is a bad team who I’m guessing really pissed off a good team. It’s time for K-State to be put in its place. Kansas 92, K-State 55.

Andy Mitts: I’m having a hard time seeing how Kansas State keeps this one close. Yes, the Jayhawks will probably get off to their usual slow start, but they are much more talented and should be able to pull away fairly early into the contest. The only thing keeping the final margin close will be the huge run (20-4 or so) that Kansas State goes on when the walk-ons come on with 4 minutes to go. Kansas 83, Kansas State 66, Stool-Related Incidents 1.