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Player Ratings to the Theme of Ways to Make Coffee

How do you like your cup of joe?

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a coffee aficionado, then you might enjoy this post. Also, if you’re a coffee aficionado, you will know way more than your humble RCT writer. Anyway, let’s rate the players based on ways to make coffee.

5 Stars: Pour Over

This is the absolute best way to get a cup of coffee. This method brings out all the notes in the particular bean that you’re grinding. I used to think coffee places were crazy when they gave the lost list of tasting notes for these coffees (cola, peach, cherry, toffee, etc), but when the pour over technique is applied, you can really taste the difference.

Udoka Azubuike was at it again. Nineteen points and 16 rebounds, but what elevates him to five star status has to be the seven of eight shooting from the free throw stripe.

4.5 Stars: Espresso Drinks

You can’t go wrong when ordering an espresso or any of the derivatives (Latte, cappuccino, machiata, etc). My favorite is the cortada.

No one was a four and a half star in this one.

4 Stars: French Press

Ooooh, fancy. Yes, and also delicious. If done correctly and with the correct beans, the flavor can be almost as good as the pour over. Almost.

Ochai Agbaji had a nice rebound game after earning a one-star in the game against Baylor. He was two of six from three, made all of his free throws, and only had one turnover. Granted, this was a no pressure game, but it was nice to see Ochai with a good game.

Not the “fill it up” stat line that we’re used to from Marcus Garrett, but we should remember that he always has the toughest defensive assignment on the team. Also, players rested at the end and there were weird combos out there at times.

Isaiah Moss was three of three from three and that is a good percentage.

Christian Braun was right behind him in threes. He made three of four in this one.

3 Stars: Drip/Percolator

This is what most of us have when we make coffee at home. It’s not bad, of course, (in fact, it’s quite good sometimes!), but this is where I use the beans I buy at Costco because I’m not wasting the high end beans on the old Black & Decker if you know what I mean.

Not the best day for Devon Dotson, and it didn’t have to be. I kind of like that. Finished with 11 points.

When David McCormack slows down, he’s not half bad. Finished with 10 points but got some of those in mop up minutes. He wasn’t tired, that’s for sure!

Tristan Enaruna was also a player that benefited from sitting the whole time on Saturday. He played a solid 17 minutes, but is also showing that he’s not quite all the way ready yet.

2 Stars: Stovetop Espresso

The physics behind these contraptions is pretty awesome but the flavor just isn’t that good. I know more than a few people who bought one of these when they returned from Italy to try to reproduce the espressos at home. Sadly, it doesn’t work that well.

No one earned a two-star!

1 Star: Instant

Dump some crystals in a steaming cup of water and you have the worst coffee you’ve ever had.

No one was this bad.

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