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Player Ratings to the Theme of Board Games

Lots of choices. Do you agree with the ratings?

Oklahoma v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Everyone likes a good board game, so why not rate the players according to some of the all time greats? One note, there has to a board involved to be in contention, so while dominoes and Connect Four are great games, they don’t make the list.

5 Stars: Trivial Pursuit

This is the gold standard of the modern board game. The trivia is difficult, but not too difficult, it can get super specialized if you want it to, and it constantly keeps up with the times.

Marcus Garrett nailed six threes in this one on his way to a career high 24 points, but it was his defense with 4:40 to go in the first half when he got switched onto Doolittle and forced two consecutive turnovers to change the game. He also added seven assists , five rebounds, and two more steals. What a game for the Dallas junior.

Devon Dotson was amazing. That guy can get the rim regardless of what’s in his way. He finished with 19 points, eight rebounds, and five assists.

4.5 Stars: Sorry!

I love this game. So simple and yet so fun. Do you want to divide up that seven? Should I try to go backwards on the 10 instead of forward? Should I swap with someone out of spite when I pull an 11? Yes, you should do all of those. The ultimate draw is the two to come out, and then a backward four to set yourself up nicely.

Udoka Azubiuike missed more shots in this game than he seemingly had all year, but he still finished with 15 points and an astounding 17 rebounds.

4 Stars: Risk

The game of world domination. I like to try to build up from Australia and dominate that way, but there are many ways to succeed (and fail). The only downside, this game can take forever.

I thought that Ochai Agbaji had his best game in a long time. He scored 10, made a few threes, defended better than usual, and collected six rebounds. He even added three assists.

3.5 Stars: Monopoly

Again, this game has the chance of taking all day, but it is probably the most iconic board game ever. Did you see that the fine people at monopoly are actually starting to mock the length of their game? Classic.

Isaiah Moss made two of three from deep and drove the lane a few times. Man, if this guy can open up the games in March, KU will be hard to beat.

3 Stars: Clue

You either love Clue or you hate it. It gets the three star. The movie is completely underrated though. That thing is awesome.

David McCormack wasn’t suited for this game. Scored six points off the bench.

Christian Braun and Tristan Enaruna came in and gave KU meaningful minutes. Braun nailed a three and Enaruna added a bucket and two boards.

2 Stars: Candyland and Chutes and Ladders

Loved these as a kid, was asked to play them with the nieces not terribly long ago. Meh.

No one was as bad as these games are pointless.

1 Star: Life

This game is completely outdated.

No one was this bad.

No Rating:

The walk-ons.