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Player Ratings to the Theme of Early

Sunrise in the Rhön Photo by Andreas Arnold/picture alliance via Getty Images

That game started at 4PM Jayhawk time. What’s up with that? That’s unusually early for a mid-week game, but hey, coronavirus is messing with everything. Let’s rate the players to the theme of early stuff.

5 Stars: Early Voting

Giving people more opportunities to vote and making democracy more accessible is an easy five star, a slam dunk.

Ok, I’m doing it. Jalen Wilson was a five star. I know he fouled the guy at the end, but other than that, this dude was great. Twenty three points and ten rebounds, four of six from three including the game winner. It’s a five star performance.

4 Stars: Early Pearl Jam

I still think Ten, vs, and Vitalogy are three of the best rock records from the 1990s. Pearl Jam were absolute beasts back then. Best songs: Spin the Black Circle, Animal, Jeremy. I will say that I know very little of later Pearl Jam so this is probably quite biased. Oh well.

No one was four star level good.

3.5 Stars: Early Childhood

Remember those days? No responsibilities. Having an imagination. Good times.

Bryce Thompson played some really meaningful minutes in the second half and made a couple of key jumpers. Sure, he had one stolen from him in a key moment, but I thought he was pretty good. I like that KU has seemingly unending and different options for any situation.

3 Stars: Early Bird Special

On the plus side, the early bird special is usually cheap. On the down side, you have to eat at an ungodly hour to get that discount.

Christian Braun needs to take open threes instead of trying to drive into a flooded lane. That said, he again grabbed some key rebounds and dished out six assists. He’d have had 20 if he took a few more threes. Finished with 14.

Marcus Garrett isn’t quite there yet. Maybe without Devon Dotson, he’s trying to do too much. Did have an acrobatic driving basket and a great steal in key moments.

David McCormack was decent when he didn’t think and just went up with the ball. Then, he decided to start thinking and took a bunch of fade away jumpers. Also, he is a defensive liability. Nice pass to Jalen for the win though.

I’m not sure I can put these guys lower than a three: Dajuan Harris, Tristan Enaruna, Mitch Lightfoot, Tyon Grant-Foster. It’s probably more of an N/A for some of these guys. They all snagged some meaningful minutes, but sort of faded into the background. The possible exception was Lightfoot.

2 Stars: Early Times Whiskey

This seems like it’s not of the highest quality. It costs $18 for a 1.75L jug. That can’t taste good.

Ochai Agbaji was bad enough to be pulled in favor of a freshman. He was zero for six from the field and didn’t even attempt a three. Maybe he wasn’t feeling well? Had four assists and five rebounds, and I hope he bounces back strong.

1 Star: 5AM or before

I’ve had to wake up in the five o’clock hour for nearly two decades, but let me tell you, these last months of virtual teaching and getting up an hour later? Glory wrapped in awesomeness. Sunrises are cool I guess.

No one was as bad as waking up early (when you don’t want to).