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Player Ratings to the Theme of Bovidae

Turkish breeder’s buffalos in water and mud in Turkey’s Edirne Photo by Gokhan Balci/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

KU played North Dakota State whose mascot is the Bison, so here we go with player ratings to the theme of Bovidae. This includes all types of hoofed animals. It’s quite diverse. For simplicity’s sake, I’m leaving off cattle.

5 Stars: American Bison

Sorry, KU fans, but the American Bison is a majestic creature and a worthy five star rating. I mean, these bad boys were almost completely wiped out and have made a great comeback both domestically and in the wild. Nice.

No one was a five star in this game.

4.5 Stars: Cape Buffalo

Man oh man, this thing is awesome. This is different than your standard Water Buffalo. The Cape Buffalo is bigger and is the only buffalo that lives in Africa.

Tyon Grant-Foster. If it wasn’t for this guy, Kansas would’ve lost at home to North Dakota State. For that alone, he gets to the 4.5. Also eight points and eight rebounds isn’t too shabby. That last block is still rising.

Fourteen points and 15 rebounds will get you a high rating. Jalen Wilson is KU’s best player right now. Is that race even close?

4 Stars: Addax and Nubian Ibex

These bad boys are on the list because of their impressive horns. I know little to nothing else about them, but the horns are amazing.

I don’t think anyone else was worthy of a higher score than 3.5.

3.5 Stars: Yak

These big guys are extremely useful in Asia. Also, that hair is pretty cool. Don’t talk back if you don’t like this as the 3.5 selection.

Ochai Agbaji scored 13. Need to work on his free throws if he’s going to be in there at the end of games.

3 Stars: Antelope

Antelopes are the generic deer of almost everywhere. Fun fact, most of the things that we (me, at least) would reference as antelopes, are actually gazelles, or some other animal that we’re too lazy to call by its name.

I guess Christian Braun goes here. He had an off offensive game and chose to drive sometimes when he should’ve taken a three, but his ability to grab important rebounds continues to impress. He had six.

Mitch Lightfoot probably should play more minutes than David McCormack, but where does he play with Wilson playing so well?

2 Stars: Kirk’s Dik-Dik

I’m immature.

David McCormack got benched and Kansas got better.

When will the real Marcus Garrett arrive? He looked tired and his illness last week didn’t help matters. A few days off would do the defensive guru good.

Bryce Thompson, Tristan Enaruna, and DaJuan Harris didn’t have the impact that they could’ve but also didn’t the second half playing time they probably wanted because TGF was playing so well. Not really their fault and it shows that Bill Self has a lot of options.

1 Star: Goat

They eat tin cans or is it an urban legend?

No one was as bad as an animal that eats cans.