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Player Ratings to the Theme of “Red” Movies

Alec Baldwin And Sean Connery In ‘The Hunt For Red October’ Photo by Paramount/Getty Images

The Jayhawks beat the Red Raiders last night, and I couldn’t really think of anything thematic to write about (I’ve already written a player rating post to charges, so that was out), so I decided on using red as an idea and seeing what I could find. The result is this post. Feel free to disagree with anything as I haven’t even seen a few of these movies.

5 Stars: The Hunt for October

I’m nominating this as the five-star simply out of name recognition and the fact that I love Jack Ryan movies. It’s still weird to think that they went with Alec Baldwin as Ryan and then made the switch to Harrison Ford mid-series. Why not just keep Baldwin? Anyway, this movie involves a stealth submarine and stars Sean Connery. Five stars.

No one was a five star.

4.5 Stars: The Thin Red Line

Maybe this should be the five star? A classic World War II movie that was nominated for several Oscars and stars Sean Penn in his prime? Maybe.

Ochai Agbaji got it done for KU last night. Easily KU’s player of the game and it wasn’t even close. He nailed clutch threes, made the game winning bucket, and was an overall presence in this one. More of this Ochai would really help Kansas.

4 Stars: Red Dawn (the original)

Oh yeah, this copy says it all: “It is the dawn of World War III. In mid-western America, a group of teenagers band together to defend their town, and their country, from invading Soviet forces.” It stars Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, and Lea Thompson. I might watch this tonight.

Marcus Garrett probably had his most vintage “Garrett” game this season. This includes missing threes and playing stellar defense. Ended with 10 points and 10 boards.

3.5 Stars: Red and Red 2

Fun fact, I saw Red 2 in a movie theatre in Toulouse, France. We watched it in English with French subtitles.

Does Dajaun Harris deserve this high of a rating? Maybe not, but he has clearly gained the respect of Bill Self as he played some major minutes in crucial moments. Had the second best plus/minus on the team which may not have as much to do with him as it does with those around him (see below).

3 Stars: Red Dragon

A Hannibal Lecter movie can’t be all that bad, but if we’re comparing this to Silence of Lambs (sure, why not?) then it is average at best.

Jalen Wilson sat on the bench a little more than average, and as my esteemed colleague pointed out in the (semi-) statistical recap and on twitter, it probably affected him more than it should’ve. Still made a few important buckets in this one.

I guess I’ll throw Mitch Lightfoot and Tyon Grant-Harris here. They didn’t really get a chance to go higher or lower on this list.

2 Stars: Red Planet Mars (1952)

This movie has classic “Camp” written all over it. A Sci-Fi from 1952? I think this can only be good with a little “enhancement” while viewing if you know what I mean and your state allows such proclivities. MST 3K has probably featured this flick.

Maybe it was Tech’s perimeter defense, but Christian Braun wasn’t effective (offensively) at all. Did grab 10 rebounds, so he is basically a 2.5 star in this one. I just couldn’t find a movie to suit.

David McCormack likes to take jump shots that don’t go in and cause his team to get mired in a quick hole to start the game or take away momentum mid game. Seal off your man and dunk, Dave. If you can’t do that, there is a certain #44 that can.

Bryce Thompson just didn’t quite make the impact that he could’ve. West Virginia won’t be any easier, but he has plenty of talent and time to get things going. Strangely, had the team’s best plus/minus.

Tristan Enaruna is frustrating.

1 Star: Legend of the Red Reaper

This had the lowest star rating on IMDB, so even though I’ve never seen it and you’ve never heard of it, it goes at the bottom.

No one was a one-star in this very important conference win.