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Notebook: Media Impressed with KU’s Win Over Creighton

Yes, the Simpsons have come a long way since an old drunk made humans out of his rabbit characters to pay off his gambling debts. Who knows what adventures they’ll have between now and the time the show becomes unprofitable?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Skyline and State Capitol on Mississippi River Photo by: Visions of America/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Kansas player impressed ESPN analyst in win over Creighton
“Seth, I love what Kansas did in the first half with punching that basketball inside to David McCormack who really responded,” Ellis said. “He had Chris Bishop who’s only 6-7 guarding him on the inside. He was really aggressive looking for a shot. I thought in the second half, he really started to fade away on it a little bit, shooting them short. But if he can continue to give them 10 and 10, this Kansas team I think can get to a Final Four.”

Photo gallery: KU basketball earns top-10 win over Creighton
No. 5 KU basketball picked up its first top-10 win of the season on Tuesday, scraping past the Creighton Bluejays, 73-72, in Allen Fieldhouse. The Jayhawks, who played in front of a crowd of 2,500 fans, had three players score in double-figures, while five players posted at least four boards or four assists.

Jay Bilas shreds NCAA during Illinois-Duke game
“We haven’t had a national conversation about what we should do, what’s appropriate,” Bilas said. “These players have essentially been essential workers. They get tested every day. They’re not allowed to go home for the Christmas holiday because they wouldn’t be able to play when they got back. They’d essential have to quarantine their team.

"We’ve been advised by our government to not travel over the holidays and yet these players are traveling.”

Bits o Chalk

Pau Gasol eyes reunion with Los Angeles Lakers, joining brother Marc
Pau Gasol is working toward what he hopes will be an NBA comeback and a spot on Spain's Olympic team in Tokyo, the six-time All-Star and two-time NBA champion told ESPN on Wednesday.

LSU football self-imposes one-year bowl ban for 2020 season
LSU will forgo participating in a bowl game this season, adding to the list of self-imposed sanctions stemming from the NCAA's investigation into improper booster payments to its football players.

Stephen Curry values 'useful' reset from glory years, relishes Warriors' opportunity to start 'at ground zero again'
"To kind of have a fresh reset from the five-year run was -- I wouldn't call it necessary because I would have loved to have been playing last year, but it was useful," Curry said Wednesday during an interview on "Damon, Ratto & Kolsky" on KGMZ-FM 95.7 The Game in San Francisco. "And now it's about turning that into momentum coming in this season. And I think a leader, and with me [and] Draymond [Green] and what we have to accomplish this year, hopefully gives us a little chip on our shoulder, a fresh perspective, and understanding what the challenge is ahead of us. We've had a lot of successes, a lot of experiences these last five years, [it's] been a crazy roller coaster. It almost feels like we're starting at ground zero again which is kind of awesome."

Source -- Houston Rockets' James Harden needs six straight negative COVID-19 tests before being cleared
Rockets star James Harden must have six straight negative COVID-19 tests before the NBA will clear him to practice with the team, a league source told ESPN.

Ranking the top 10 NBA players for 2020-21
We asked, "Which player will be better in 2020-21?" Voters had to predict what they expected from each player in the 2020-21 regular season and postseason.

Eraser Dust

Frame of Reference to open second location in Bigfork
“It’s exciting to be able to have a gallery in that building again,” said gallery founder Derek Vandeberg. Frame of Reference will also be opening under a new name — FoR Fine Art — emphasizing their focus on the art-carrying portion of the business. However, FoR will still provide framing services at their new Bigfork location, transporting pieces back and forth to their workshop in Whitefish.

How modern mathematics emerged from a lost Islamic library - BBC Future
But this prestigious academy was in fact a major intellectual powerhouse in Baghdad during the Islamic Golden Age, and the birthplace of mathematical concepts as transformative as the common zero and our modern-day “Arabic” numerals.

States tell Supreme Court they support Texas bid to reverse Biden win
Seventeen states whose elections were won by President Donald Trump told the Supreme Court on Wednesday that they support Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s bid to file a lawsuit that could effectively reverse President-elect Joe Biden’s projected Electoral College victory.

Johns Hopkins Founder Owned Slaves, Disrupting Belief He Was An Abolitionist : NPR
Historians for Johns Hopkins University discovered that the founder of the Baltimore-based school owned slaves, contrary to the long-held belief that the wealthy philanthropist was a staunch abolitionist.

WWHL: Candice Bergen Confirms Early SNL Had Lots of Cocaine
Bergen broke down the drug progression for him. “It started being sort of marijuana-based, and they realized in a second that the show was almost impossible to produce, and to do it stoned on grass made it just a lost cause. Because you’d be backstage — you have literally split-second costume and wig changes and makeup changes …” Bergen explained. “So that’s when the coke came in?” Cohen asked. “That’s when the coke came in, yeah,” she confirmed. Again, not earth-shattering news to an SNL fan, but we’d argue it’s fun to see this confirmed while Bergen’s fellow WWHL guest Dianne Wiest is also displayed onscreen looking stone-faced and uninterested in all this cokey nonsense.