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Player Ratings to the Theme of Birds of Prey

Eagle, Hawks, and Owls.

Fort Myers Tip-Off Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Another edition of the player ratings is here and this time, we’re going with birds of prey because KU played the Hawks of St.Joseph’s. And seeing as there really isn’t any bad bird of prey, this ratings list will simply be the list of birds that I find the coolest to the not as cool. Also, because of factors out of my control, I didn’t get to watch this game as closely as I’d like so these ratings could be wildly off. Oh well.

5 Stars: The Bald Eagle

This is the king of the all birds. I don’t think there’s even a debate that this majestic bird is the best of all the birds of prey.

Christian Braun. 30 points on five of eight shooting from distance. This is definitely the antithesis of his first game of the season and he remedied the exact complaint that garnered him a low rating in the season debut.

4.5 Stars: Andean Condor

The largest of all flying birds in the world, the Andean Condor is simply resplendent. With a wingspan that can exceed 10 feet, this thing glides effortlessly over the Andes and is worthy of this rating.

Is Jalen Wilson the answer for Bill Self at the five spot? Maybe. He had a nice game yesterday, scoring 14 points and grabbing nine rebounds in 24 minutes.

4 Stars: Red Tailed Hawk

This may seem a little odd for a four star, but one of these landed in my backyard a few weeks ago, and it was really intimidating. It’s probably not as amazing flying around in the forest, but sitting on a fence in a backyard in Kansas City, this bad boy looked like it would eat me. Side note: it was eating a rat and it was awesome to watch.

Dajaun Harris, Jr. His second half was pretty dang good. Scored three but contributed five assists. The highlight had to be the full court pass to Wilson for an easy two. Good stuff from the Columbia, Missouri native.

3.5 Stars: Owls

Owls are terribly underrated. They make no noise when flying, can see things 10+ miles away (perhaps an exaggeration), and they’re the only bird of prey that you actually know the sound they make.

Ochai Agbaji scored 18 points on the day, not bad.

3 Stars: Osprey

A bird of prey that lives near the sea and hunts fish? Yep, pretty awesome.

I’m going to throw a bunch of dudes into this category. Not good enough performances to go above and not bad enough (or circumstances were weird) to go below. Marcus Garrett was the best of this bunch. Bryce Thompson, Tristan Enaruna, Mitch Lightfoot, and Tyon Grant-Foster all land here for simplicity’s sake.

2 Stars: Birds of Prey, the movie

Apparently, there is a sequel to the Suicide Squad movie and this is it. Wasn’t a fan of that movie, haven’t seen this one, but I think it’s probably also dumb. Margot Robbie is cool, though. Feel free to disagree.

David McCormack. Will this guy be able to fit into the rotation into the future? Will he learn how to play defense? Stay tuned!

1 Star: Stupid team names like Screaming Eagles, War Hawks, etc

These teams should stay basic. The classics are the classics for a reason. Just be the Eagles, ok? I can’t believe that the great Hayden Fox would sign off on coaching a team that sounds like it should be a roller coaster instead.

No one was as bad as these team names.

No Rating

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