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Player Ratings to the Theme of Things I should’ve Done Instead of Watching the Second Half

KU fought, tied it, fell short

Tottenham Hotspur v PFC Ludogorets Razgrad: Group J - UEFA Europa League Photo by Chloe Knott - Danehouse/Getty Images

Well, one thing you can count on in this potentially bizarre season is the player ratings. Unfortunately, that game wasn’t what we were looking for here at RCT, so what could you have done instead of watching? Here’s what I should’ve done.

5 Stars: Watch Tottenham Hotspur/Ludogorets in the Europa league

This is what I switched to after the game, and I really should’ve just started watching it from the beginning at 2PM. I missed the first goal while watching Kansas fight hard to tie but ultimately capitulate.

No KU players were as good as switching to a 4-0 soccer match that your favorite team won.

4 Stars: Go on a walk

The weather was great in Kansas City (hope it was where ever you were too) and a long stroll in the neighborhood has been a staple for us in the pandemic. Should’ve done that.

Marcus Garrett was the best KU player out there. He did what you’d expect and was better from three than expected. He should have a big year for KU.

3 Stars: Cook Thanksgiving Food

Since it’s just my wife and I here at home in a pandemic, this wasn’t much of an option (we’re cooking a small meal for dinner), but it still would’ve been better than some of the basketball that was played in that game.

Jalen Wilson is going to be important for the Jayhawks this year. Showed flashes of greatness and hopefully can convert with better frequency at the rim as the year goes on.

Ochai Agbaji nailed a few threes and played pretty well, but a three star rating was just about standard on the evening.

Bryce Thompson had a nice debut for Kansas. The Oklahoma native scored 12 points and looked at home out there.

This very neutral rating of a three for Tyon Grant-Foster, Tristan Enaruna, and Mitch Lightfoot is simply because they didn’t really get that many minutes. All showed some nice flashes including that three from G-F and the block that was not a block from Mitch.

2 Stars: Take a nap

Because I didn’t do the three star, I couldn’t do the two star. Generally, a nap would’ve been a 4 star. Naps are great.

Christian Braun. Not his best game. Kansas needs this dude to score more from long range and I expect we’ll see it as the season progresses. He was two of three from deep, but he passed on some great chances to shoot.

1 Star: Watch Lions/Texans

Haha. Nope. Watching my team struggle at times against the top ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs was much better than suffering through that game.

David McCormack. He looked lost and got absolutely schooled on the defensive end over and over again. Am I being hard on the big man? Probably. He wasn’t good though.

No Rating:

Dajuan Harris, Jethro Muscadin, and Latrell Jossell