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Jayhawks Mauled By Zaga In Opener

Fort Myers Tip-Off Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner and just remembered I had to write this, so apologies in advance for the brevity.

This was not KU's day, but may serve as a good learning experience for both the team and Bill Self moving forward. Gonzaga built an early lead as the Jayhawks struggled with turnovers and defense at the basket. They trailed by double digits at times but calmed down over the course of the half and narrowed it to a 54-46 game at the break.

There was actually a spell in the second half where they played very well, and even tied the game. Jalen Wilson had a great stretch, as did Marcus Garrett. Unfortunately, it wouldn't last as Zaga had too many weapons and got too many easy looks. In the end, they pulled away and made it back to a double digit game, nearly running away with it, and picking up a 102-90 victory.

The team showed fight once they settled in, and there's undoubtedly talent to work with here. Agbaji limited his turnovers and looked more like the player Self has been telling us he is. Garrett was what you'd expect as the senior leader. Bryce Thompson has a variety of skills he should be able to put together. Wilson actually carried the team for a short stretch. Unfortunately, the improvement we needed to see out of David McCormack simply wasn't there. Or even close. KU's starting big man played 20 minutes, going 3-9 from the floor and posting 8 points and 6 boards without a block, turning it over four times. He's not playable as a major piece of the team if that doesn't improve quickly.

Fortunately, the Jayhawks should get to wash the bad taste out of their mouths quickly, with another game tomorrow against what should be an overmatched St. Joseph's team.