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The Spooktacular Mauling: 10.31.2020

Read these terrifying links, if you dare

Colorful Landscape Scenes From Various Regions Of Transylvania Photo credit should read Alex Robciuc / Barcroft Media via Getty Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

The Corpse Chalkboard

Joel Embiid of Kansas Jayhawks out indefinitely after getting second opinion
Kansas Jayhawks freshman big man Joel Embiid is out for the Big 12 tournament and will likely miss the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.

Kansas' Udoka Azubuike to Undergo Season-Ending Surgery on Hand Injury | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
"Udoka had an MRI done this morning and the MRI revealed he tore the same ligament in his right hand that he tore in his left hand his freshman season (Dec. 2016)," Self said in the Jayhawks' official press release. "This occurred in practice on Friday and although the initial X-rays did not reveal the extent of the injury, the MRI did and it will require season-ending surgery."

Kansas basketball hit with Level 1 NCAA allegations - Sports Illustrated
Kansas confirmed it received a notice of allegations from the NCAA on Monday regarding the basketball and football programs, and the university has 90 days to submit a response, the school announced in a release later Monday evening.

Kansas hires Jeff Long as new athletic director
Long signed a five-year contract worth $1.5 million annually, with Kansas Athletics Inc. paying $1.3 million of the total and the university paying the remaining $200,000.

Kansas Athletics Director Zenger signs extension through June 2021 – Kansas Jayhawks
University of Kansas Athletics Director Sheahon Zenger has signed an amendment to his contract that extends that contract to June 2021.

Kansas Hires David Beaty as Head Football Coach – Kansas Jayhawks
David Beaty, the wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator at Texas A&M, has been hired as the head football coach at the University of Kansas. Beaty arrives in Lawrence with more than 20 years of coaching experience, including two previous stints as an assistant coach with the Jayhawks.

Turner Gill gives Jayhawks a new outlook | Mizzou Sports News |
"I'm not going to be truly defined by wins and losses," said Gill, who went 20-30 in four seasons at Buffalo but revitalized a dying program. "Now, I understand that I'm hired and fired by wins and losses. I understand that.

Kansas hires Charlie Weis to replace Turner Gill | Sports |
Weis was introduced as the Jayhawks' coach during a news conference Friday, about 24 hours after he accepted the job and just a couple days after he emerged as the leading candidate.

Ectoplasm Dust

15 Unsolved Mysteries That Are Disturbing As Hell |
Questions, it has been said, are more interesting than answers. Do you agree? In that case, you're in luck -- here we have a bunch of questions, and no goddamn answer anywhere. Sure, these aren't the big questions about life, universe, and Taco Bell's secret menu items -- but their sheer mystifying creepiness will leave an uneasy sensation in the pit of your stomach (just like secret menu items often do). Want to be perplexed? Bewildered? Puzzled over what secrets we might never learn? Then read on.

10 Scary Stories to Ensure You Never Sleep Again
Clear your schedule, horror lovers, because the first round of Jezebel’s 2020 scary story contest winners are here! You may need to take a personal day after reading these tales of Ouija boards, paranormal activities, spooky cars, and haunted visitors and their knives. I’m never going to sleep again and now you won’t, either.

Scary Stories for Halloween: Need a Ride?
This terrifying tale, submitted by Nikki, is truly my worst nightmare come to life. I’m not sleeping tonight, and after you hear this story, you probably won’t either.

Scary Halloween Story: Ghosts in the Shed
It’s highly likely that commenter littlekatpurr unwittingly opened some metaphysical door just trying to get their Halloween decorations out from the shed, a location in the home not often tagged as an entryway for Satan but I guess times have changed. If you are a homeowner and you don’t want to invite shed ghosts into your main house, the only appropriate response is to demolish the shed, burn the remains, and pour salt over the site where the shed once stood.

Severed Hand Scary Story: Halloween 2020
This story, submitted by Lauren, shows that this nagging suspicion should be taken seriously. Sure, it could be a person, a ghost, but it could be something even more sinister. Once you find out what’s watching you, figuring out what to do about it becomes an even more frightening dilemma.