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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Iowa State Cyclones

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen today.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Alamo Bowl - Iowa State v Washington State Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s the morning of the big game. This is an important game, not because I think the Kansas Jayhawks have a legitimate shot at beating the Iowa State Cyclones, but because I’m actually going to be there for the first time since I graduated. What am I going to see? Why did I pick this game? I try to get some answers from the crew as we get together to tell you what is going to happen with some last-minute predictions.

Disagree with anything we said? Give us your own predictions in the comments below!

Mike.Plank: It’s not often that a team comes in as a 4-touchdown favorite on the road, but such is the state of Kansas football at the moment. Maybe if the Jayhawks are lucky they can get a backdoor cover with a late score against the backups. Iowa State 41, Kansas 14.

David: The only way this is even somewhat close is if ISU shows up expecting an easy win and just sleepwalks through the game. Even then, I’d pick the Hawkeyes. But it’s more likely they just destroy us. Iowa State Hawkeyes 56, Kansas Jayhawks 13

Fizzle406: maybe we will get lucky and the Hawkeyes won’t have the right cleats. Maybe we could keep it within 21. But I expect a mauling. Hawkeyes 55, Kansas 9

dnoll5: Total and complete destruction. Kansas will get mauled as only Kansas over the past ten pathetic seasons is capable of achieving. Kansas will get mauled with maul-icious intent. It will be maul-tacular. Maul-errific. If you choose to watch this dumpster fire, prepare yourself with alcohol. Lots of alcohol. Maul all the beers if you’re old enough. Iowa State 66, Kansas 3.

Andy Mitts: It’s going to be my first game in forever, and I can’t help but be optimistic...that I’ll make it out alive. The Kansas defense is a lot better than these guys are giving them credit for, and we should see that for the first half. But this offense is going to have to prove that they can get something going against one of the better defenses in the Big 12, or it’s going to be another 2nd half spanking. Kansas keeps it close into the 2nd half thanks to a defensive score, but Iowa State pulls away. Iowa State 34, Kansas 17.