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Behind Enemy Lines: Iowa State Cyclones

Matthias of Wide Right & Natty Lite answers a few questions about Iowa State before tomorrow's game.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks are set to take on the Iowa State Cyclones tomorrow at 11:00am. To get a last minute scouting report from the other side, I reached out to Matthias of Wide Right & Natty Lite.

RCT: While the offense seems to be slowly getting better, it’s still far behind what most people would have expected from this team. Why is the offense struggling?

WRNL: Struggling would be a strong word here in my opinion. I would say not to full potential yet. The rushing attack has been phenomenal and if Running Backs were regarded more widely in the Heisman race Breece Hall would be on his way right now to potentially finding himself a seat in New York City but that won’t be the case. I think what is keeping Iowa State from peaking offensively and it is weird to say, it’s Brock Purdy. He just hasn’t hit that form we have been used to seeing the previous years. Maybe defenses have him figured out. I don’t know. He just hasn’t looked all that impressive this season and sometimes even lost.

RCT: Breece Hall has gotten yards, but in many cases it’s been one or two random explosions that salvage his total instead of consistently running over people like last year. Has something changed in his approach? Will Kansas be a “get right” game for him?

WRNL: The random explosions were majorly the case last week against Oklahoma State. The Cowboys did a great job shutting down pretty much everything offensively for Iowa State. You look against Texas Tech, Hall rushed it 27 time for 5 yards a carry. Oklahoma 28 carries, 5 yards a pop. TCU was over 8 yards a carry. He’s been pretty consistent as they come this season and I don’t see that changing any this week and you can’t have a get it right game if you haven’t had anything go wrong yet.

RCT: The Iowa State defense doesn’t seem to have any glaring weaknesses. What’s the best way to attack the Iowa State defense?

WRNL: Throwing it deep constantly until the safeties get caught looking elsewhere. If they have proven anything, they tend to be weak to the big deep pass. It likes to come at the most inopportune time.

RCT: What is going to be the key matchup in this game?

WRNL: Iowa State’s offensive line against the Kansas defensive line. For my sake at least. Iowa State has some injuries to an offensive line that was already young and they got exposed a bit last week for the first time. It will be key for them to rebound this week and execute a game plan because lord knows they didn’t do that last week.

RCT: Prediction Time! What happens in this game? Can Kansas cover? Who has the longest scoring play, and what are the details?

WRNL: At the time I am typing this I think Kansas is a 27 point dog. That’s a ton of points. Iowa State isn’t necessarily the strongest in covering wide point spreads, so I will give the benefit of the doubt and say Kansas covers but I still think Iowa State wins by 20. #0-10 Clones and Breece Hall is the longest scoring play with a 69 yard touchdown run.

BONUS: What is the one must-have item at your COVID tailgate?

WRNL: I mean it’s obviously an ice cold Busch Light. Duh.