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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Oklahoma State Cowboys

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen today.

Tulsa v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks are getting ready to kick off against the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and I’m betting many of you are trying to decide if it’s going to be worth watching. To help you figure that out, there crew got together to tell you what to expect today.

Disagree? Give us your prediction in the comments below!

Fizzle406: This is shaping up to be a 0-10 season. Maybe we make one competitive but I don’t think we see a win in 2020. Oklahoma State 37, Kansas 17

Kyle_Davis21: I’m hoping to see some improvements from the offense this week now that the Jayhawks have a couple of games under their belt. But the defense has still not proven that it can slow anyone down and I’m afraid Chuba Hubbard is going to run all over them. Oklahoma State 35, Kansas 21

David: Oklahoma State hasn’t looked like anything special this year, but you don’t have to be anything special to destroy Kansas. I predict we’ll see at least two quarterbacks from KU and at least 175 yards from Hubbard. Oklahoma State 45, Kansas 20

dnoll5: Well, I’m going to continue my string of ridiculous predictions because playing football games in a pandemic is ridiculous, playing in front of people is ridiculous, and pretending like any of these games matter is ridiculous. Anyway, be safe please, and if you’re going to a football game in the middle of a pandemic to watch a team that has won on average 1.5 games a year for a decade (not bothering to look up the actual pathetic stats), then you’re either crazy for football or something else altogether that I just can’t understand. Anyway, Oklahoma State 49, Kansas 3.

Mike.Plank: Once again, you can find a more detailed breakdown in the preview, but suffice it to say I think the KU defense will be the perfect cure for whatever has been ailing the OSU offense. Oklahoma State 55, Kansas 20.

Andy Mitts: I really want to be optimistic, but I just can’t. Kansas will likely get off to a quick start here, and they may even be able to score a couple touchdowns on their first three drives, but this OSU defensive front is just too talented. Unless Thomas MacVittie starts or Jalon Daniels got magically better at quickly reading the defense, it’s going to be tough to avoid big hits. The defense is going to have to figure out how to avoid chunk plays, and I just don’t see it over the long term.

The OSU offense is the big wildcard here, as they have had serious OL issues, and their star players have missed the contributions of Spencer Sanders, who has been out with an ankle injury suffered early in Game 1. I think they get it going, but not until the second half. Look for KU to cover, but still lose handily. Oklahoma State 34, Kansas 17.