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Behind Enemy Lines: Oklahoma State Cowboys

Micah Allen of Cowboys Ride For Free answers a few questions about Oklahoma State before today's game.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks are set to take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys today at 2:30pm. To get a last minute scouting report from the other side, I reached out to Micah Allen of Cowboys Ride For Free.

RCT: The Oklahoma State offense has been less effective than expected. What is/are the biggest reason(s) for this?

CRFF: Well for one I think Illingworth not getting as many practice snaps as expected has quite a bit to do with this. Combine that with him not getting the protection he needs and you’ve got a recipe for woes.

RCT: The OSU defense has been fairly daunting the last few years, especially along the line. What names from years past are returning to terrorize Jayhawk fans?

CRFF: Amen Ogbinbemiga, Malcom Rodriguez, Rodarious Williams, Kolby Harvell Peel, the list goes on and on.

RCT: Which players/positions on defense can Kansas take advantage of to see some success on Saturday?

CRFF: Hmmm I think we’re fairly young in the backfield so that might be a place to find someone slipping. Someone looses track of their man or something like that,

RCT: What’s the one factor that will go the furthest to determining the outcome if this game?

CRFF: How well both offenses play. Who’s able to get something going.

RCT: Prediction Time! What happens in this game? Final score and who has/what is the longest scoring play?

CRFF: 45-7 Cowboys. I’m thinking a big catch and run for a score for Tylan Wallace.

BONUS: What is the one item you can’t live without at your COVID tailgate?

WINGS!!! But not the boneless ones that are just nuggets covered in sauce.