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Rock Chalk Podcast: Big 12 Race and Kansas Football Outlook

Ari Temkin of SiriusXM’s Big 12 Radio joins the show.

With last week being an off week, I thought it would be a good time to take stock of the rest of the Big 12 before diving in on what we can hope for/expect the rest of the season with the Kansas Jayhawks. To help with that, I brought back Ari Temkin who covers the conference for SiruisXM Big 12 Radio.

Topics Include:

  • Red River Bleh bleh-bleh
  • Big 12 Race
  • Playoff chances
  • Listener question: Development or winning more important now?
  • Line issues
  • Injuries: Bad luck or bad prep?
  • Is a quick return from COVID for Les Miles unrealistic?
  • Any reason for optimism

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Follow Ari on Twitter: @arisports

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