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The Daily Mauling: 1.07.20


NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Rock Chalkboard

I thought this was an interesting longform article at 247Sports of all places about a potential KU football recruit who just happens to be the brother of former Jayhawk Laquivionte Gonzalez.

Marcus Garrett was big for the Jayhawks against West Virginia.

Bits O Chalk

Jay Bilas talks about college basketball’s talent drain, quality of play, and officiating prior to ranking his top 68 teams at this point in the season.

Baylor’s Matt Rhule is headed to the NFL.

The XFL has some interesting rule changes.

I didn’t know Sam Ehlinger was an NFL prospect, but he published a video on Twitter saying he would be back at Texas next year. Sources say, however, that Texas still isn’t back.

Jimmy Garoppolo was fined by the NFL for... wait for it... tossing a football to a fan after San Francisco’s Week 17 game.

Eraser Dust

Authorities are trying to figure out what’s going on with all of these drones in Colorado, Nebraska, and western Kansas.

Two and a half years after being devasted by a Category 4 hurricane, Puerto Rico is now dealing with powerful earthquakes that are expected to continue to rock the island over the next several days.

24 people have been arrested in Australia for deliberately starting fires.

In 2019, American coal consumption reached its lowest level since 1975.

The tiny Austrian village that inspired Arendelle (Disney’s Frozen) is being mobbed by tourists.

I hate dumb lawsuits.