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The Daily Mauling: 1.06.20


NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

My bad, I forgot I was supposed to cover for fizzle today. Feel free to add to this abbreviated mauling in the comments below.

The Rock Chalkboard

What is KU basketball’s best lineup? Benton Smith thinks the West Virginia game may have told us.

Bob Huggins no likey the refs. Neither does The Smoking Musket.

KU football coaches didn’t expect Gavin Potter to play much in his freshman year, but he surprised everyone.

Kansas has its eye on St. Louis area quarterback Kaden McMullen for the class of 2021.

Bits O Chalk

Just how good is San Diego State basketball this year?

Officials say Kyle Rudolph did not push off on his game winning touchdown against the Saints.

Mike Vrabel used one of Bill Belichick’s own tricks against him to run extra time off the clock.

Oklahoma State’s offensive coordinator is off to Rutgers.

How would the last 40 years of college football be different with a 4-team playoff?

Eraser Dust

Ricky Gervais apparently caused quite a stir at the Oscars.

Australia continues to be ravaged by wildfires.

World War 3 is apparently on the horizon, but let’s try not to talk politics today.