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Player Ratings to the Theme of Twenty

Happy new decade!

2020 Sign in Times Square in New York City Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

Well, KU basketball is 1-0 in the 2020’s so I figured I’d celebrate the new year with a post dedicated to the players in KU history ho have worn number 20. And you may not know this, but not too many players have worn the number 20 for Kansas, so this list is going to get interesting fast.

5 Stars: Ray Evans (1942-43/1946-47)

Ray wore both #15 and #20, but for the sake of this list, he is a number 20. He is the only player in KU sports history to be an All-American in both football and basketball. Back in 2014, I did a write up on Ray which you can find right here.

No one gets a five-star rating in this game.

4 Stars: Steve Woodberry (1991-94)

The man who helped guide KU to the Final Four in 1991 and 1993, Woodberry was an underappreciated player in his four years at KU. Coincidentally, I also wrote about him here if you’d like a more in-depth look.

Udoka Azuibuike. Frankly, KU stunk when he wasn’t on the court. Scored 17 points and snagged 11 rebounds and even made five free throws. Dok was good, especially in the second half.

Devon Dotson. Pushed the issue a bit too much, but was instrumental in keeping KU in this thing early when it was super ugly. Finished with 16 points.

Christian Braun. This guy is becoming more important by the game. Only put in six points (two were circus shots) but if Bill Self likes his toughness, he’s tough.

3 Stars: Kenny Gregory (1998-2001)

Kenny Gregory gets the three star nod because I always thought he was going to be better than he was. This three-star is on me, as he’s probably much better. And guess what? Another profile can be found by clicking this link.

Marcus Garrett. This rating is a bit unfair to Garrett, but his antics at the end of the game when KU could’ve killed clock knock him down. Once, he put an off balance shot up there very early in the shot clock and the second time, he chucked up a three (he was open, I will say that). Did finish with 12 points and six assists despite sitting because of foul trouble.

Two Stars: Stephen Vinson (2003-06)

Hey, I’ll put a walk-on on this list to demonstrate how poorly some players performed.

David McCormack. Came alive late in the game but was hapless at best for the majority. Tried to create his own shot on a few occasions and inevitably turned it over when he tried.

Ochai Agbaji was good on defense, but his offense is seriously lacking. KU needs this guy to get hot in March. And maybe he should work on his passing a tad?

Silvio de Sousa came in and committed dumb fouls.

Isaiah Moss played in the first half and I really think he should’ve been given a chance when Garrett went off with foul trouble.

One Star: Frosty Cox (1929-31)

He receives the one star for the name alone.

No KU player was as bad as this name.

No Rating:

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