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Player Ratings to the Theme of Super Bowl Logos

The went from boring to cool to boring

The Super Bowl used to have cool logos designed for it every year. Many times, this logo incorporated some aspect of the host city. Now, it’s so homogenized, that all you get is the Lombardi Trophy and some letters. It used to be cool, so let’s examine those. Please refer to the pic in the header, and I’ll also provide links from in the headings.

5 Stars: Super Bowl XX, New Orleans

I don’t know why I like this one so much, but it just stands out. The twentieth Super Bowl is a landmark, so why not have the best logo for that anniversary.

No one was a five-star in this one.

4.5 Stars: Super Bowl XXXIII, Miami

Incorporating Miami’s famous Art Deco architecture was a perfect idea.

Christian Braun was rewarded with the start and he produced. Nailed four of eight from beyond the arc and worked hard all game.

Marcus Garrett quietly had a stat packed game. Seven points, eight rebounds, and nine assists is a very nice day at the office.

4 Stars: Super Bowl XXXVI, New Orleans

This was the first Super Bowl after 9/11, and the designers decided to go patriotic with it. A noble idea.

Isaiah Moss canned three of eight from long range, but in a game like this, his persistent chucking was welcome.

3 Stars: Super Bowl XXV, Tampa

Middle of the pack logo for a three star. Nothing offensive about it and I could’ve chosen about ten if I’m being honest (XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXVI all come to mind). I chose 25 because I remember that game the most for some reason.

Devon Dotson and Udoka Azubuike didn’t have their typical stellar games, but luckily, they didn’t have to. We unfortunately learned that Kansas might struggle to get the ball to big Dok when encountering a zone defense.

Ochai Agbaji hit just two of seven from open range. Looked like he forced a few up there, but maybe that was by design against an inferior opponent.

Tristan Enaruna provided minutes again, but it will be nice to see Big Dave back on Saturday.

2.5 Stars: Super Bowl XL, Detroit

The Super Bowl is called “XL” and this is the best you can do? Bad.

2 Stars: The first 12 logos

These all simply had the words “Super Bowl” and the number. Boring.

1 Star: The new ones

1 Star: With today’s innovators, we could have the best Super Bowl logos to date. Instead, we get generic logos that look the same from year to year.

No Rating:

The walk ons played again and that’s always good. Michael Jankovich even got a novelty minute at the end of the first half to make sure Dotson didn’t get a third foul.