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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Oklahoma State Cowboys

Our crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen tonight.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Kansas Jayhawks travel to Stillwater to face the Oklahoma State Cowboys in their first Big Monday game of the season. With David McCormack still suspended for his role in the brawl at the end of the Kansas State game, will OSU be able to take advantage? Or will Kansas continue to struggle in Stillwater?

Take a look at what our staff thinks, and then leave your own prediction in the comments below.

Mike.Plank: I still have a hard time seeing Kansas drop a game like this. OSU is coming off a win over Texas A&M so there’s that I guess, but TAMU is a sub-150 team in KenPom. Also per KP, the Pokes are the second-worst team in the Big 12 ahead of only K-State. They’re dangerous enough to make it a game - they took Baylor to the wire 10 or so days ago - but anyone calling for the upset here isn’t basing it on anything more than a feeling. Kansas 72, Oklahoma State 63.

David: Playing on the road is tough, and Kansas didn’t handle life without McCormack quite as well as I’d hoped against Tennessee. The point spread of seven I’m seeing right now sounds pretty accurate to me. This could be one where the outcome is in some doubt for a while, but I don’t think OSU’s first conference win is coming against us, even if Gallagher-Iba has been a house of horrors in Self’s tenure. Kansas 71, Oklahoma State 64

Fizzle406: Has KU struggled on the road against any school more than OSU? I’m feeling good about this one though. KU got the win on Saturday and got to put the brawl behind them. I expect them to come out guns firing and put away OSU. Kansas 65. OSU 58

Kyle_Davis21: Tennessee is a better 2-point shooting and 2-point defending team than Oklahoma State, and Kansas has a game without David McCormack under its belt, so that absence should not affect the Jayhawks as much as it did on Saturday. Stillwater is never an easy place to play, but if last year’s team can win there, this year’s should, too. Kansas 73, Oklahoma State 65

Brendan: With some experience running with the short bench, I’m optimistically feeling like things will go a little more smoothly in this game. Azubuike is going to be a monster once again, and even in a painfully annoying place to play like Stillwater I like the Jayhawks’ chances to hold on for a win. Kansas 70, Oklahoma State 63

dnoll5: Kansas looked pretty focused and grounded on Saturday, but there were times when the score got just a bit too close for comfort, and I suspect that will be the case here as well. Missing McCormack is a big miss, but if there’s one game that the Jayhawks can just rely on Dok and then rely on him some more, it’s the one before five off days. I think KU wins it even though it’s been historically tough for KU to win at Gallagher-Iba. Kansas 77, Oklahoma State 67.

Andy Mitts: I’m more worried about this team after watching them not handle the loss of David McCormack well. But the fact is that Kansas has a huge advantage when Dok is in the game, and I’m not sure Oklahoma State will be able to take advantage enough to make up for it when he is out. This will be a game of runs, but Kansas should have the bigger ones. Kansas 72, Oklahoma State 67.