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De Sousa, McCormack Suspended

Two Kansas players were suspended for their role in last night's brawl.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

In case you've been in a coma over the last 24 hours, Kansas and Kansas State played a basketball game last night, in which a brawl broke out in the final second. Much of today was spent speculating as to who would be suspended, and for how long. Bill Self preemptively announced that Silvio De Sousa would suspended indefinitely, but David McCormack was involved as well, with several other players appearing in the fracas with their role not entirely clear.

This afternoon, the Big 12 made public the players who would be suspended and the duration of the punishments. De Sousa, unsurprisingly, got the worst of it with a 12-game suspension, ensuring that he not only misses the trip to Manhattan, but would also not have an opportunity to play in front of a home crowd again this year. De Sousa was the main player involved in the brawl, and made the optics worse by at one point grabbing a chair and lifting it over his head (though he did not swing it at anyone).

David McCormack, seen on video doing something somewhere between pushing and hitting a K-State player, will be out for two games. There was speculation that Marcus Garrett might be punished, but no video of him definitively doing anything violent has surfaced, so he will face no suspension at this time.

For Kansas State, James Love was given eight games. Love was the player in street clothes who rushed De Sousa after stood over Antonio Gordon, whose shot he'd blocked. Gordon, who would end up being one of several Wildcats physically confronting De Sousa, and pushing him to the ground, was given three games for his role.

We're sure to hear more about this as the season goes on, but with the punishments doled out, hopefully we can start to turn our focus back to a season in which the Jayhawks are still legitimate national title contenders.