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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Baylor Bears

Our crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen in today’s game.

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 24 Div I Men’s Championship - Sweet Sixteen - Baylor v South Carolina Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks are preparing for another Top-5 matchup when the Baylor Bears come to town. Will KU find themselves in another instant classic?

Take a look at what our staff thinks, then give your own prediction in the comments below.

dnoll5: I’m going to go ahead and give KU the edge in this one since it’s taking place at the friendly confines of Allen Fieldhouse. My only concern (I haven’t watched Baylor enough to form an opinion on the actual basketball that will be played) is that the impending snowpocolypse might keep people away. Then again, I’ve been to AFH when it has snowed considerably and didn’t see much of a difference. Anyway, Baylor doesn’t win in Allen and they won’t win on Saturday… but they’ll come close. Kansas 77, Baylor 73 in overtime.

David: Not-so-fun fact: the Jayhawks have been held to one point per possession or less in 5 of their 7 games rated as Tier A by KenPom. Two of those were against top 10 defenses, which, of course, Baylor also has. They also force a lot of turnovers and play a zone that makes it hard to find open shots. Fortunately, KU’s been known to play a little defense of their own, so I’m predicting we get pulled into another ugly game, similar to last weekend. But unlike last weekend, we won’t be playing a team with terrible guards who can’t shoot. This may come down to KU’s ability to hit threes. KU will be favored, but I think Baylor pulls off an upset. Baylor 65, Kansas 64

Mike.Plank: Baylor plays a lot of zone, you say? ‘Hawks by a billion. I like KU’s ability to hit threes, especially at home in a top-5 matchup on CBS, and even moreso if they’re willing to make the extra pass. Suddenly Baylor is stepping out to pressure the perimeter, and Dok and Big Mac start dunking on everyone. Kansas puts the NCAA on notice with this one. Kansas 85, Baylor 68.

Fizzle406: Baylor is good this year you say? Not worried. Scott Drew has never won in AFH and last I checked that is where the game is being played. Sure they might make it interesting and maybe they beat us on the next game but I don’t pick against Bill Self in AFH. Kansas 77, Baylor 73

Kyle_Davis21: Vegas is giving KU 8 points at home. KenPom predicts KU by 9. Baylor is scrappy and plays in a lot of close games, so I don’t know if Kansas can cover the spread. But Baylor has never won in AFH and I don’t see it happening on Saturday. Kansas 68, Baylor 63

Andy Mitts: I like the way that Mike thinks, but it just isn’t realistic. This Kansas team is a phenomenal defensive one, but the offense struggles mightily way to often. The defense is way too good to let them stay down big over the course of the game, but this will not be a high scoring game. However, as good as the Baylor defense is, KU’s is better. And Kansas has a huge edge on offense, especially down low. The only way there Bears win is if both Ochai Agbaji AND Isaiah Moss are ice cold from three. I just don’t see that happening. Kansas 63, Baylor 58.