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FanPulse Top 25 Week 2: Still 3 Big 12 Teams

Lots of churn at the bottom of the poll, and somehow Kansas fans still approve of the direction of this program.

SB Nation FanPulse Top 25 Week 2
SB Nation FanPulse

Last month, we started sign ups for the SB Nation CFB Top 25, a new project by our network to get the fan’s picks for the top teams in the nation. We’ve had a few editions, and I’m still just as baffled by the results as before.

The first surprising part was the approval rating for the Kansas Jayhawks. Despite the baffling loss to Coastal Carolina, 23 of those responding still approve of the direction of the program. I’m not sure if this speaks to general apathy, really low expectations, or if people genuinely think that what we saw was a necessary low to get this program back in the right direction.

Disagree with that assessment of the program? Then sign up for the survey, and you can join in determining that percentage for next week. Plus, we just need a few more people to signup and we’ll get a snazzy graphic instead of me just saying what the percentage is.

And now, without further ado, here are the rankings after Week 2.

Other teams receiving votes: USC, Boise State, Army, Stanford, Memphis, Virginia

The first thing to note is that unlike the AP and Coaches Polls, Iowa State didn’t get penalized for not playing by being dropped from the poll.

I’m still confused as to why none of the other Big 12 teams are even getting votes in the poll. Oklahoma State and Baylor both have arguments for why they should be included.

Thankfully Syracuse and Nebraska were both dropped from the poll after their losses. The addition of Maryland is a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to a win over an overrated Syracuse team though.

Until we have enough people signed up to get our own poll, I'll look for one other fanbase to highlight. I'm a bit partial to fans that are fairly reasonable, so I went in search of a fanbase that ranked their own team lower than the national ranking. Last week it was Iowa State, but this week they jumped their own team up (not necessarily undeservedly so). Instead, this week we get to highlight the Washington Huskies fans over at UW Dawg Pound, who not only ranked their own team 21st, but ranked their hated rival Washington State two spots higher at 19th. Double congrats on not being total homers!

These rankings will be updated every week, and it isn't too late to be a part of them. Sign up here!