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Podcast: Previewing Kansas Jayhawks Against the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

I’m joined by Brendan Dzwierzynski to break down this weekend’s .

It’s week 2 of the football season, and the Kansas Jayhawks are getting ready to welcome back their most dynamic playmaker in Pooka Williams. It’s time to preview the game, and when I reached out to try and find a Coastal Carolina guest, I didn’t hear back from anyone. However, given the effect that Hurricane Dorian is having on the team, I’m not too surprised. So instead, I got friend of the podcast and RCT contributor Brendan Dzwierzynski to me to break down this game.

Topics Include:
-Offensive Diversity
-Defensive Fundamentals
-Depth and Consistency
-CCU offensive line and running game
-Biggest Offensive Performer
-Breakout for Daylon Charlot
-Prediction and final thoughts on this game.

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