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Big 12 gets snubbed again in the latest edition of the CFB FanPulse Top 25

The Big 12 is still underappreciated, and most Kansas fans approve of the direction of the program.

Sbnation fan poll
Sbnation fan poll

Last month, we started sign ups for the SB Nation CFB Top 25, a new project by our network to get the fan’s picks for the top teams in the nation. The first edition was...interesting. Now that each team has played a game, we at least have something tangible to base some rankings on.

Part of the poll is an approval rating for the program you signed up under. According to FanPulse, 87.5% of Kansas fans approve of the direction of the Jayhawks after KU scored a week 1 win.

And now, without further ado, here are the rankings after Week 1.

Sbnation fan poll
Sbnation fan poll

Other teams receiving votes: Boise State, Memphis, Cincinnati, Virginia

Again, there aren't too many surprises, especially when compared to the AP and Coaches Polls.

My complaints with these rankings are the same ones that I have with the national ones: The Big 12 is criminally underrated.

Nebraska has no business being ranked, either now or before the season.

Baylor and/or Oklahoma State should have been in at the bottom of the poll, or at least receiving votes. I think the Cowboys probably would have if they had been included as an option.

Until we have enough people signed up to get our own poll, I'll look for one other fanbase to highlight. I'm a bit partial to fans that are fairly reasonable, so I went in search of a fanbase that ranked their own team lower than the national ranking. The only one I found was our Iowa State friends over at Wide Right & Natty Lite. They ranked the Cyclones at 25 while the national rankings have them at 24. So congrats on not being total homers!

These rankings will be updated every week, and it isn't too late to be a part of them. Sign up here!