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Podcast: Recapping Kansas Jayhawks Football at Boston College

I’m joined by Mike to recap a stunning victory

It’s been a few days, and I still can’t get over the fact that the Kansas Jayhawks went on the road and beat the Boston College Eagles on Friday night for their first Power 5 road victory in over 11 years. Mike joins me to break down our reactions and what this means moving forward.

Ed Note: This was supposed to go out yesterday, but I screwed up and somehow scheduled it for today instead.

Topics Include:
-Stories of Boston College’s stadium
-Carter Stanley
-Who was most crucial to the victory?
-Did the defense do anything different in the second half?
-BC Gameplanning
-Encouraged by how the secondary held up?
-RCT Commenters and looking to the future.
-National Reaction to the game.

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