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K-Uniform Report: First Three Games

KU won some games, but how’d they look while doing it?

NCAA Football: Indiana State at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Just like their performances on the field, the Kansas football team has brought a little bit of everything to the uniform game as well. Let’s break down the looks and the subtle differences from last season.

Game One against Indiana State: White/Blue/White

KU went slightly untraditional in the first game as they wore their white helmet at home. Now, this isn’t at all uncommon anymore, and I thought that the the look worked. Alternating colors from the top down is always a good look.

This game gave us our first of the small changes on the uniforms as well. For one, the white helmet no longer featured the “angry Jayhawk” which I consider to be a significant downgrade. The angry Jayhawk is a uniform element that should be used more often and as football is such a violent sport, I’d like to see the program adopt it as their primary logo. But alas it is gone (for now), and we have the Trajan font KU on both sides of the helmet.

NCAA Football: Indiana State at Kansas
This year’s helmet stripe
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Kansas
Last year’s helmet stripe
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

A smaller change is with the helmet stripe. In years past, KU has had a thin red outline on either side of the thick blue center stripe. Those are gone. This is another small, but significant downgrade. I like red as an accent color and if they’re going to use it on the “KU”, they should use it on the stripe.

But overall, the white/blue/white combo is the best look KU sported in the first three games.

Game Two against Coastal Carolina: All-Blue

This is a look I am in favor of. Kansas is blue and Kansas should wear as much blue as possible. The blue helmet made its debut in this game as did the blue pants. While the pants didn’t change from last year, the helmet featured the same minor changes as the white helmet did. Gone is the giant Jayhawk on the left side, replaced with the KU logo like we saw in the Margino era. Also gone are the subtle white stripes on either side of the red center stripe. For the blue helmet, I like the KU on both sides, but prefer the old helmet stripe.

KU has also gone with grey face masks for both the white and blue helmets.

NCAA Football: Coastal Carolina at Kansas
This year’s helmet stripe
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
NCAA Football: Nicholls State at Kansas
Last year’s helmet stripe
Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

As far as uniform combos go, this was the second best of the three, and one I would like to see more often.

Game Three at Boston College: All- White

No new uniform elements here, but I do believe that now that they’ve won a road game in this combo, you’ll see it on the road again. It looks good and is very clean, I just don’t like it as much as the other two combinations we’ve seen.

Les Miles has never strayed too far from traditional looking uniforms, so I don’t foresee anything too weird in the coming days.

Now that we’ve seen what is available, I’d like to see KU go super traditional against West Virginia with a blue/blue/white combo, and I’d like to see the blue/white/blue (KU’s best look) on the road in the following game.