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FanPulse Top 25 Week 3: Are People Even Watching The Games?

I wonder if anyone actually paid attention last week, including fans voting in the KU approval poll.

It's that time again. Time for the latest edition of the SB Nation CFB Top 25. It's still possible to sign up and let your voice be heard.

The first part of the FanPulse survey was the approval rating for the Kansas Jayhawks. Despite the shocking win against Boston College, the approval rating only increased to 75%. I frankly expected it to be much higher.

Disagree with that assessment of the program? Then sign up for the survey, and you can join in determining that percentage for next week. Plus, we just need a few more people to signup and we’ll get a snazzy graphic instead of me just saying what the percentage is. As an example, you can take a look at the one for Boston College.

And now, without further ado, here are the rankings after Week 3.

Other teams receiving votes: Army, USC, TCU, Kansas State, California

Until we have enough people signed up to get our own poll, I'll look for one other fanbase to highlight. I'm a bit partial to fans that are fairly reasonable, so I went in search of a fanbase that ranked their own team lower than the national ranking. Previously Iowa State and Washington earned this spot, but Iowa State is no longer ranked, and Washington fans are rating their team higher than the nation thinks they should be. So this week we are highlighting the Maryland Terrapins fans over at Testudo Times, who didn’t even rank their own team this week. Congrats on not being total homers!

But the ranking of Maryland leads to my main gripe with this poll. It seems that the vast majority of the voters didn’t pay attention to what happened this weekend. Michigan State lost in embarrassing fashion to Arizona State, but they barely dropped. Maryland lost to a Temple team that no one is touting, but stays in the poll. USC lost to a BYU team that is only considered not terrible because they beat USC, but they are still getting votes. I realize that there is bound to be bias when you have fanbases doing the voting, but the kind of widespread support these teams would need to get where they are is baffling.

These rankings will be updated every week, and it isn't too late to be a part of them. Sign up here!