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Kansas at Boston College: The View from Section O

A Twitter-esque recap of the game against Boston College.

A look at the scoreboard following the Kansas at Boston College game on September 13, 2019.
Mike Plank


What a great day for football!

Ugh the traffic is awful.

Staying west of Boston a ways this week. Driving into a satellite location - free parking and shuttle.

Bus driver is a funny guy. Several Jayhawk fans on the bus. We all expect to lose by 50.

BC fan behind is a nice enough guy. Went to school there in the 1980s during Flutie mania. Got two kids in the ban now.

Didn’t talk much about the game, but had a good conversation.

So far Boston people - and BC fans - actually seem pretty cool.

Got the kiddo dressed in a KU cheerleading out. She’s pretty damn cute.

We actually came out on the same flight as the Spirit Squad. They were awesome to her on the plane. We’ll say hi at the game.


This place is... pretty empty.

BC takes the opening kick. Second play is a big run. KU roughing penalty drawing a lot of boos from this corner of the stadium.

BC scores way too easily, aided by two big KU penalties.

Not sure what that ref saw on that DPI. Didn’t look catchable.

Oh, Carter. Another really bad INT.

I think Parchment was open. No pressure on him, just, overthrew it.

Four and a field goal. Good response by the D.

Oh good another KU punt from midfield.

This is David Beaty stuff.

At least it was a great punt!

BC got out of the red zone but still had to punt.

Spirit Squad let the kiddo wave a pom pom. She thought that was pretty neat.

And the Jayhawks score! Thanks to... Carter Stanley passing?

Student section finally filled out. Very late arriving crowd.

And BC answers quickly. Dude was wide open. Had to be a blown coverage.

(BC 17, KU 7)


Wow! So this is what offense looks like!

Fullback love. I can dig it.

Who’d have thought we’d only be down 3 in the second quarter?

Gotta hit the loo though.

Wow there is not a short line on this concourse anywhere.

What are there, like, four restrooms in this entire place?

I wonder what is happening. There aren’t any TVs down here either.

OK finally back up top.

Still 17-14? Honestly did not expect that.

I don’t know who 43 is but he is getting pwned by the BC tight end in coverage.

BC using trick plays to score on... Kansas. What a world.

KHALIL! My man!


Never ever did I think KU would have a halftime lead in this game.

(KU 28, BC 24)


Stadium notes:

  • Long lines everywhere, and it’s not even close to a sellout.
  • Upper decks are basically empty.
  • Where are the restrooms?
  • Why are there no nachos anywhere?
  • At least you can buy beer.
  • Everyone is super friendly.
  • You can’t hear anything the stadium announcer says. The entire stadium is aluminum bleachers and the sound just bounces around.


Tripping? Lol wtf

Sucks to settle for a field goal there but at least we made it.

Seems to me that BC has a block in the back on every screen pass they run. So far no flags.

Forced two BC fumbles now but haven’t recovered either one.

Student section quickly emptied out after KU goes up 38-24.

I’m beginning to think we might have a chance in this one.

What is happening? (In an awesome way of course.)

Gonna force BC to be a passing team soon.

Man, Khalil is dominating.

Sure thought I saw targeting there, but again, no flag.

Field goal to go up three scores there.


Less than 16 minutes to go...

(KU 41, BC 24)


Dropped a sure INT there. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to haunt us.

Another dropped INT!


11:43 to go... was I just on TV?

Roughing the kicker!

Or whatever. KU first down!

Run. The. Damn. Ball.

Run it all you want now, Les.

Who is the backup punter?

Eh that kick works.

Lights in the north end zone just went out with 5 minutes left. Seems fitting for BC lol.

Guessing the team will head our way after the game. Time to get down to the front row!


Man those guys played so well tonight.

They deserve this. Glad to see their work paying off. Appreciate them coming over to celebrate with us for a few minutes as well.

Long bus ride back to the parking lot. Pretty quiet even though, once again, about half full of KU fans.

It is pretty late I guess (after 11 PM local time).

Got a two hour drive in front of us, but, I’m pretty pumped. I won’t be going to sleep for a while anyway!

Where was this offense last week?

So many 3-WR sets. Misdirection. It was awesome.

Unfortunately, I won’t be at the WV game, but I’m sending the next best thing in my place.

Good night y’all. Party safe.

Football is fun again.