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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Boston College

Our staff gets together to tell you what is going to happen tonight.

Richmond v Boston College Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks play early this week, with a rare Friday night game and semi-national television exposure. Will they be able to show anything to those that tune in?

Fizzle406: This one is gonna be ugly. KU sucks and going on the road will not end well. Boston College 42, Kansas 12

Mike.Plank: Why do I even waste my time with this program? Boston College 52, Kansas 3

Brendan: I don’t exactly have anything groundbreaking here. It’s a short week, KU has to go on the road and the Jayhawks play a team with superior physicality that runs the ball well (and a lot). Oh, and BC is already +6 in turnovers. Worst-case scenario is that this game is over in minutes and nothing looks any different from last week’s debacle. Best-case scenario is that the offense, while it’ll probably get manhandled, features better play calling and smarter execution. I don’t think KU covers either way, sadly. Boston College 45, Kansas 6

Kyle_Davis21: *Looks at last week’s predictions. *Looks above. That escalated quickly. But Mike and Brendan aren’t wrong. BC is a nearly-three-touchdown favorite and it’s hard to see KU covering that on the road against a team that already beat former KU quarterback Ryan Willis and Virginia Tech. The bright side? The Friday night game means you can enjoy a more peaceful and less hair-pulling Saturday of college football. Boston College 42, Kansas 10

dnoll5: I’m with these guys. I was optimistic last week that KU could muster up something resembling an offense after the first drive and…..well let’s just say I was wrong. I see that there are lots of predictions with KU missing extra points or only scoring field goals. True to the first and HAHAHAHAHA to the second. Isn’t there at least 500 former high school soccer players on campus that can make a 40 yard field goal? It’s not hard. I can do it. Anyway, we suck at football and will lose by a billion. Boston College 55, Kansas 6.

Andy: We all overreacted to the final drive of the Indiana State game, and I think we are all overreacting to the horrid loss to Coastal Carolina. This team has talent, and I’m encouraged by what I saw in the latest episode of Miles To Go, where the coaching staff acknowledged their part in the failures and seemed to have a plan to address it. I’m not saying it will be quick or easy, but I do think we will see real progress. No, they won’t win this game. But Boston College has real big issues in their secondary, and Kansas will have an opportunity to take advantage, especially if they are down big late. Take the Jayhawks to cover. Boston College 42, Kansas 27