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Kansas vs Indiana State: The View from Section 5

A Twitter-esque recap of the game against Indiana State.

The Kansas Jayhawks line up in their new 3-4 defense in the first quarter against Indiana State.
Mike Plank


How quickly things change in Kansas.

24 hours ago, the prediction was rain, and lots of it.

Today will be mostly cloudy, dry, a perfect football day.

Although, getting up at 7 AM on a Saturday - yuck.

Not actually sitting in my assigned seats in Section 5 today.

Some guy who thinks Mitch Lightfoot is the best ever and has an unconditional love for him is.


11 AM kickoffs suck.

No flyover today after the national anthem.

The Jayhawks are coming...


True freshman Kenny Logan receives the opening kickoff.

Not a great return but hey, it’s early.

Big run by Khalil on the first play from scrimmage!

That was probably the first I-formation KU has been in that we’ve seen outside of the red zone in... 17 years?

Well that drive started great but ended with a whimper. Missed field go, albeit a long one.

Indiana State going for fourth and one... from their own 40!!

David Beaty must be having a heart attack right now.

Of course they got it.

But it doesn’t matter because HASAN DEFENSE WITH THE PICK SIX.

Lots of stadium noise, I love it.




ISU misses field goal. Ugh... fumble.

But they missed another field goal. Maybe fate will smile upon the Jayhawks today.

Have we finally paid our penance in full for firing Mangino?

10-0 lead now. I like.

This game is a slugfest.

Pass interference right before the half seemed awfully fishy. Unless college football has changed to the NFL’s face-guarding rule?

Defense still holds to a field goal.

An unimpressive 10-3 lead at the half. KU’s defense with the only touchdown of the game so far.

Defense does look good though.

Offense... does not. Very vanilla. No RPOs. Lots of I-formation, lots of up the middle, lots of off-tackle. Certainly doesn’t seem very imaginative.


Band is doing The Avengers for halftime. Too snobby to do a giant spacedick I guess.


ISU receives second half kick.

Oh wow. That’s a David Beaty timeout there. Early in the third quarter on defense. Come on guys.

Several successful QB sneaks by Indiana State on third and fourth downs today. Our defensive line is getting pushed off the ball.

HAHAHA YES! Another INT for the KU D.

Nice catch by Parchment (9:37 mark). What are they reviewing?

Instant replays are out of control.


What is there to review? Lots of boos from the crowd.


“The ruling of the ball being touched in or behind the line of scrimmage stands.”

What does that even mean?

There wasn’t a flag thrown for illegal man downfield, was there? Pretty sure you can’t review penalties, especially ones that weren’t flagged.

Oh well. 16-3 lead going into the final frame.


Oh.... man. Fourth and seven and Indiana State not only converts but hits a wide open guy up the seam for a touchdown.

Yikes that was an ugly KU offensive possession. Sycamores bringing a lot more pressure this half on passing downs.

ISU with a HUGE third down conversion on a broken play. Could be a back-breaker for the Jayhawk defense as they cling to a 6-point lead.

BIG SACK by Dru Prox! Defense holds again. Good response after the blown coverage on ISU’s last drive.

Another ISU player is on the turf. You hate to see injuries, and you certainly never root for them.

I dunno if all the injured ISU players speak to KU hitting hard or what, but there certainly seem to have been a lot of them today.

Carter... no...

And I thought the previous possession was ugly.

Wow. Folks here are now dreading the worst, I think, now that ISU has a lead.

Tension is palpable now. This is the kind of situation Kansas hasn’t exactly thrived in over the last several years.

Pressure? What pressure?? Carter Stanley scoffs at your pressure. KU easily drives down for a go-ahead TD. The Jayhawks only had to convert one third down on that drive.

Reverse wide receiver pass for two? LMAO.

The Mad Hatter.




And that four-and-out will do it!

Take those knees, Carter! #FeelsGoodMan

People are just now starting to leave with 20 seconds left. Nice to see people stick around for a change.



Sure feels like a different team to me.

Offense was... not good. Hope they get a LOT better.

Ended up being a good day for the Jayhawks.

It was a good time.

There for a few minutes I was wondering - what kind of articles am I going to have to write this weekend?

What kind of angry tweets will I feel compelled to send toward Jeff Long or whoever?

Same old Jayhawks?


I don’t have to do any of that, because...

The Jayhawks Are Here.