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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Indiana State

Our staff gets together to tell you what is going to happen in tomorrow’s season opener.

NCAA Football: Indiana State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the first game of the season, and the Les Miles era will officially begin tomorrow as the Kansas Jayhawks host the Indiana State Sycamores in the season opener. We’ve broken down all the matchups, and now it’s time to figure out what is going to actually happen in the game. Take a look at the predictions of our staff, and then leave your own in the comments.

Dean: Finally, we have a game to talk about. Albeit, Indiana St. doesn’t exactly compare to anyone really. At least we have a game to make some assessments. Kansas can’t lose this game. A championship coach and a new attitude. However, this isn’t going to be cupcake. Indiana St. only lost to Louisville 31-7 last year. Final score- Kansas 37 Indiana St. 28

David: Kansas lost its starting QB, best receivers, and their entire front seven. Their best player will be suspended. They took until this week to settle on a QB (though they won’t say who it is), and they don’t even have the place kicker position solidified. So naturally the first opponent for the new coaching staff is a ranked FCS squad that returns nearly every decent player from a team that barely missed the playoffs last year. This has disappointment written all over it. Indiana State 34, Kansas 28

dnoll5: And now, on to the kool aid portion of the proceedings. Kansas will win this game, and they’ll win it easily. We’re past the time when KU loses to ranked FBS teams. We’ve got Les Miles! He won a national championship once. Memorial Stadium (or as they’re apparently calling it now, “The Booth”) will be packed with drunk football fans ($12 beers anyone?) fawning over the mental clarity that Miles has brought to the program (no punts after timeouts in this one!) and the on display desire that the players are bringing. Speaking of the players, who will be a key in this one? I haven’t paid attention to that too much, but who cares??? We don’t have David Beaty and that’s good enough for a win here. Kansas 35, Indiana State 21.

Fizzle406: I know we lost a lot of seniors from last year and are missing our best player and Indiana State are only 4 point underdogs but screw all of that because its forgetting one crucial piece. That is the uninformed homer. And this uninformed homer is 0% worried about Indiana State. No one has thought about Indiana State since Larry Bird went there 40 years ago. Our coach won a national championship, starred in both a dr pepper commercial AND a movie with Superman. Kansas 51, Indiana State 10

Kyle_Davis21: I like the uniformed homer’s moxie. I’m not ready to go that far in, but I do think Miles’ first game at Kansas ends with a victory. What little reading I’ve done, it sounds like the Sycamores struggled to start the season, especially on defense, and the offense was always the stronger aspect of their game. While that could test KU’s defense early, I could see Kansas establishing the run often and keeping possession strongly in their favor. Kansas 31, Indiana State 24

Andy Mitts: I’m already on record with my prediction, and I still think that this is going to be a tough game for this team, but I ultimately have faith that Les Miles will manage this game competently. The offensive line is supposed to be a big strength for this team, and I fully expect this to be a game dominated by the running attacks of both teams. Both teams will move methodically down the field, but the game will ultimately be decided by who gets the most big plays down the field. I trust the KU secondary to limit those, and a long touchdown reception by senior Daylon Charlot will be the difference. Kansas 28, Indiana State 24.

Mike.Plank: It’s supposed to be a rainy day in Lawrence, which bodes well for both team’s running games. I get where David is coming from, but he’s neglecting one thing. ISU’s defense is not good. And when I say that, I mean it’s not even good by FCS standards. Yeah they have a great linebacker, but Kansas fans know what that’s like. Last season they ranked 58th (in FCS) in scoring defense, but 89th in total defense. Just six starters return from a team that allowed 28 points per game. Kansas should be able to score on these guys, and just a few stops on defense should give KU the win. Kansas 42, Indiana State 28.