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Podcast: High Motor Preview

I’m joined by Andrew Doughty of the High Motor Podcast to preview the Kansas season.

The new season of Kansas Jayhawks football is upon us, and with it comes a new season of the podcast. We start of the season with a bang by bringing on a first-time guest and KU alum in Andrew Doughty. He has a national football and basketball podcast that covers all the main topics, but isn’t afraid to talk KU in a respectful way that is honest and holds them accountable. I highly recommend you check out his last two episodes, featuring Jeff Monken and Mark Mangino.

Topics Include:
-State of the program
-What’s different now?
-Looking at winnable games
-What would be a successful season?
-Les Miles Hire
-Why you should care about CFB nationally.

Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain
Follow Andrew on Twitter: @Adoughty88

You can find the High Motor Podcast on Twitter @HighMotorPod or on Apple Podcasts.

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