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4 Days Until Kansas Football: Season Over/Unders

Time for some (mostly) arbitrary season-long over/unders!

Texas v Kansas “n Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Vegas win totals for college football came out a few months ago. The number for Kansas is a reasonable 3, in my opinion. If you’ve read anything on RCT over the past 96 days, you’ve probably figured out that I’m calling for a push, while being slightly optimistic that the Over may hit.

So now with the season just a few days away, I thought it would be fun to make up some of our own prop bets - strictly for entertainment purposes, of course. These aren’t from any specific site or anything, I’m just making them up.

If you’ve got any Nostradamus in you, feel free to show off in the comments. I’ll also include what happened from last year’s O/U article. (Looking back, I feel like I did a pretty good setting most of those lines.)

Team O/U

3 wins. This basically means Les Miles is expected to take care of business in the first two games of the year and pick off one of BC, TTU, WVU, or KSU. (Or magically a Big 12 road game.)

Last Year: 3 wins. Push

2,700 rushing yards. To get to 2700, KU would have to average 225 yards per game, and we know that Les Miles will want to run the ball more than David Beaty ever did.

Last year: 1,500 rushing yards. As a team, KU rushed for 2,313 yards. The Over took it.

2,400 passing yards. To get to 2400, KU would have to average 200 yards per game.

Last year: 2,800 passing yards. KU quarterbacks combined for just 2,307 passing yards in 2018. The Under got this one.

18 sacks. Do you think Kansas can get to the quarterback an average of 1.5 times per game?

Last year: 24. Kansas had 21 sacks as a team. Under.

8 interceptions. Can the KU defensive front get enough pressure to let the secondary go to work?

Last year: 6 INTs. KU led FBS in turnover margin for most of the year last season, due in no small part to picking off 16 interceptions. Way Over.

2 defensive touchdowns. Keeping this number the same as last year.

Last year: 2. Kansas ended up with three defensive TDs: Mike Lee, Bryce Torneden, and Shakial Taylor. Over.

Individual O/U

A QB with 2,000 passing yards. This would obviously require someone to the majority of the season and average 167 yards per game.

Last year: Bender 2,000 passing yards. The Under hit, as Bender finished with just 1,894 yards.

Pooka Williams 1,500 rushing yards. Pooka ripped off 1,184 yards in just 11 games last year. He will only play in 11 (regular season) games this year, and would have to average 137 yards per game to get the Over.

Last season: Herbert 1,000 rushing yards. Herbert finished with 530 rush yards after splitting time with Pooka Williams. Under.

Any receiver 600 receiving yards. Who will step up? Daylon Charlot? One of the Jucos?

Last year: Steven Sims 1,000 receiving yards. It was Under all the way here, as Sims only tallied 535 yards receiving.

Any receiver 50 receptions. Again, who will step up? Someone would have to average just 4.2 receptions per game to hit 50.

Last year: Steven Sims 80 receptions. Sims hauled in just 53 balls. Under.

Bryce Torneden 90 tackles. Torneden was KU’s second-leading tackler last year with 91 stops.

Last year: Joe Dineen 140 tackles. Amazingly, the Over hit, as Dineen was credited with 147 stops.