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58 days: The Biography of Les Miles - Chapter 3

The next chapter in the saga of Les Miles.

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The Complete Saga

When the light subsided, Les found himself lying in an enormous room. The walls seemed to be made completely of stainless steel, and the room was so large that he couldn’t see across it. He tried to stand up but his body felt like it weighed 1,000 pounds.

As he laid in the room, off in the distance he saw three figures approaching him. Their bodies were small and Les noticed they were bald and had large eyes. As they approached him, he realized that they weren’t walking but gliding.

“Do not be afraid,” one of the men said. “We bring you no harm. My name is Cardamom and we have traveled an extremely long way to find you.”

It occurred to Les that Cardamom wasn’t actually moving his mouth but he could hear his voice in his head.

“Yes, we are communicating via ESP,” Cardamom said. “You would not be able to understand us if we spoke in our native language. But enough pleasantries - let’s get down to business. You may not realize it but you are the key to ending this war.”

Les didn’t believe him. He was just a lowly soldier fighting a war that couldn’t be won.

“You can win this war but you need our help.” said Cardamom. “We have been watching your struggle and it’s time we help you end the war. You are the key to ensure the war doesn’t even begin.”

Les did not understand. He must have hit his head harder than he thought.

“What are you talking about,” Les asked. “This doesn’t make any sense.”

“I know it’s a lot to take in. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to explain. We took an older model of spaceship that doesn’t have any cloaking technologies. The machines will be here soon.”

Les followed them as they walked. He couldn’t tell where they were going. Suddenly a large and strange looking machine appeared out of nowhere.

“Get in. We need to hurry.”

Les sat down on an old worn seat that looked strangely like a bicycle seat. He grabbed the handlebars in front of him and Cardamom walked to the side of the device. He yanked a couple of times on a cord and the contraption sputtered to life.

What will happen to our hero? Who are these aliens? Find out next week in the thrilling next chapter of the Biography of Les Miles.

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