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37 Days Until KU Football: 2019 Kansas Football Drinking Game

With the announcement of in-stadium alcohol sales comes the most fun to watch games this fall.

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Kansas Athletics announced that it is joining the trend of selling alcohol inside the stadium for college football, starting with games this season.

It makes sense on a lot of levels. It’s an additional revenue stream. Football and beer is a natural pairing. And, for KU specifically, there’s been quite a few reasons to drink lately.

So, how are fans going to make the most of the beginning of the Les Miles era and the ability to toss back a few brewskis at Memorial Stadium? Can we recommend a college move? The drinking game.

Enter the RCT 2019 Kansas Football Drinking Game, which is intended to help you both celebrate new accomplishments and victories, as well as help you forget certain areas of the product that could be on the field.

It’s still a little early to fully customize it to all of KU’s quirks and strengths, and unfortunately it comes too late for a “David Beaty punts on fourth and one: empty the liquor cabinet.” Actually, that’s probably for the best.

Drink 1 When:

  • KU hits a field goal
  • KU gets a first down
  • KU loses yardage on a play
  • KU goes three and out
  • Les Miles at LSU reference
  • KU records a sack

Drink 2 When:

  • Carter Stanley comes into the game off the bench
  • Pooka Williams breaks a 20+ yard run
  • The opposing team scores first
  • KU forces a turnover
  • KU is trailing at halftime
  • KU forces a three and out
  • David Beaty reference
  • Mad Hatter reference

Drink 3 When:

  • Pooka Williams breaks a 50+ yard run
  • KU scores on its first possession of the game
  • KU scores a TD from more than 20 yards out
  • Khalil Herbert hits the 100-yard mark
  • A KU receiver gains more than 100 yards receiving

Drink 5 When:

  • Les Miles eats grass on camera, live or taped
  • A KU quarterback throws for 300 yards
  • KU scores 30+ points
  • KU scores a defensive/special teams touchdown

Finish Your Drink When:

  • KU wins
  • Opposing team scores more than 50 points

Finish Your Bottle/Case/Keg When:

  • KU becomes bowl eligible