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40 Days Until Kansas Football: KU Finally Moves Past Prohibition Era

Texas v Kansas “n Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

This story is hard to believe for me. Being from the city of New Orleans has surely jaded my outlook on booze and athletics. The reason why 2019 is the year of letting the wine and beer flow freely befuddles the mind.

There must be something I’m missing here. Watching the debauchery and over indulging of SEC fans for over 20 years makes me really wonder if Kansas must be KCU. It has to be. Now that makes sense. Kansas Christian University now moves to sell alcohol would be a huge story.

But there is no such name change.

The athletic director weighed in on why this decision was made. “In consultation with the University, Kansas Athletics has introduced the sale of beer and wine at selected venues on a trial basis to help assess the viability of a broader offering of alcoholic beverages,” Jeff Long said.

Above all, this statement is a sophisticated way of saying “Let the overindulgence begin!” And that’s OK. Being from an area that has drive-through daiquiri shops and a day devoted to excess, this announcement seems outrageous. Perhaps my former residence has totally altered the sense of normality. No doubt, that’s a fact. Still, this huge announcement seems about 80 years late. Prohibition ended in February 1933. Furthermore, the idea of making liquor available makes common sense.

Putting all this aside, there is some trickle down effects coming for Kansas football to embrace a new era. Albeit, a century late to the game. Regardless, this move in itself is symbolism. To start a new era, the old one has to die. There is truth for Kansas to move past being just a basketball school. This one small step could be a sign of things to come.

Alcohol is a nice luxury. However, what fans would really love to see are wins while drinking a few adult beverages.