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92 Days Until Kansas Football: Reasons for Optimism

Is there anything other than Les Miles that KU fans can be optimistic about?

Rutgers v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Have you had the kool-aid yet? Don’t worry, it’s fine. Trust me!

I’m one of those fans who gets optimistic every summer. They’ll pull out some close games this year, I think. They won’t get blown out as often this year, I think. If things go right, they might even pick off a couple of road games, I think.

I’m a fool.

Or at least, I have been for the past 10 years. But you know what? This year really could be different. Let me give you some reasons why.

Les Miles


We’ve written about him for the last four days. Miles has injected energy, competence, confidence, and respect into the Kansas football program all at once. I won’t spend much more time on it, but Miles expects to win here, just like he’s done everywhere he’s been.

Pooka Williams

If Pooka, who is currently suspended from all team activities due to a domestic situation (but still listed on the official roster) can get his legal troubles sorted out, he gives the Jayhawks a home run threat the likes we haven’t seen in Lawrence since... Tony Sands?

D.J. Eliot

Who? The defensive coordinator? That’s right. The Jayhawks are likely switching from a 4-2-5 base to a 3-4 base. They’ll need to find playmakers in the front seven, but return virtually the entire secondary, including Mike Lee and Corione Harris.

Experience on Offense

KU will be loaded with experience on offense this fall, especially along the offensive line, which has been a weak point of the Jayhawks for, well, about 10 years now. Kansas will miss Steven Sims Jr on the outside this year, but a healthy (and available) Pooka along with Khalil Herbert should offer the Jayhawks plenty of downfield shots, something we actually saw pretty frequently in the spring game (for whatever that’s worth).

Quarterback will be either Juco transfer Thomas MacVittie, a highly regarded prospect himself coming out of high school, or a senior Carter Stanley. In my mind, neither will be a step back from the departed Peyton Bender, and either will likely be an upgrade.

Bill Snyder

He’s gone, you guys. He’s gone. That is all.


What other reasons might you have to be optimistic about the 2019 season?