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100 Days Until Kansas Football: Introducing the Series

For the second straight year, RCT will attempt to count down 100 days of anticipation for KU football. Hey, at least this year, we might have something to look forward to!

TCU v Kansas Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

A lot of SBNation sites do something like this for football season, and we attempted something similar last year here at RCT - and we succeeded, despite the clown show that was the David Beaty regime.

And it’s fourth-and-one for Kansas at the 48-yard line. Looks like Beaty will use his third timeout with 12:37 remaining in the third quarter. Jayhawks trail by 14. And... here comes the punt team.

Still, you may be asking yourself, why would we do this? Are there really 100 things to write about KU football? Even if there are, why would you bother? Does KU football even deserve that kind of coverage? Is a trick, and we’ll just have 100 articles previewing Late Night?

While we’ll keep up with basketball as news breaks, we’ll still attempt to put out at least one post a day about football. It may be a little tougher this year, because honestly, I’m out of ideas, and there’s no impending coaching search upcoming. So, if you have some ideas, let me know in the comments.

Regardless, you’ll hear from a variety of contributors at RCT. Mostly, we simply hope to entertain you, and maybe even inform you a little bit. We also hope to make you laugh, make you cry, and... well ok, you’ll probably just cry. A lot. Hopefully not as much as last year. But either way, it’s OK.

We’ll have the usual position breakdowns, schedule analysis, recruiting updates, and things like that. But we’ll also see what else we can come up with, probably a lot of things that will be Les Miles-centered.

And when August 31 gets here, 100 days from now, we’ll all sit down in front of our TVs, turn on the game, drink a beer together, and enjoy the 52-10 beatdown of Indiana State, because God Forbid what might happen if that game is any closer than six touchdowns.