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Player Ratings to the Theme of Things Kansas Did Well Last Night


NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The streak is over. This team just isn’t well equipped to make comebacks and as Bill Self noted, when the game plan goes out the window, readjusting isn’t their strong suit. And clearly, if there was a team that wasn’t going to extend the streak, it was the one without Dok, Vick, and Silvio. Anyway, that sucked, so let’s “rate” the players sarcastically.

5 Stars: They gave us something better to do with our time

How many cable channels, over the air channels, Netflix, Hulu, and various other streaming options are there? Well, those are all better TV choices than watching the second half. Then there are books, magazines, podcasts, washing the dishes, the list goes on. Let us know what you did in lieu of watching the second half of that game.

4 Stars: They all put on the same uniforms

In sports, occasionally you’ll see someone wearing a jersey or hat that doesn’t match their teammates. Not Kansas! They all had on the same uniforms. Granted, it’s only a tank top and shorts, but good for them, they did it.

The walk-ons. When Chris Teahan and Garrett Luinstra were in the game, Kansas won 5-2 (I think, I dunno, who cares).

3 Stars: They subbed players in and out properly

Out of all the intricacies of the game that Kansas couldn’t master or even understand at a rudimentary level, they got one right: all their substitutions were done to perfection. They always had five guys on the court. Bravo.

Dedric Lawson was probably good enough to earn a three star in this one.

2 Stars: They helped up guys off the floor

Just like they do every game, Kansas players helped guys who hit the deck back to their feet. Nice work guys!

This is probably the category that the rest of the team falls into. I last checked the box score at the 6:27 remaining mark and KU was 5 of 27 from three. That isn't good. They had 15 turnovers and that seemed low! Nothing else besides those terribly and depressing stats really stood out.

1 Star: They subjected us to that first half

Terrible. Just terrible. But we had to watch to see if the streak could continue. It didn't and we all knew it after about three minutes.