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RIP The Streak 2005-2019

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Oklahoma Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

If we're being honest, we've all seen this coming for a while now. After a record-breaking 14 years of dominion over our Big 12 herd, the Kansas Jayhawks will not win the league title this year.

It's been unlikely for weeks, but after a humiliating loss to Oklahoma in Norman Tuesday night, the dream of another title was officially put to rest.

Had this happened any time in the last five years, I would have been upset. Sure, I'm not thrilled now, but it feels like it's run its course. At first it was just neat, seemingly winning the Big 12 every year. Then as The Streak approached a decade, it took on a life of its own. Once it hit ten years, why not go for the record? Then the record of 13 years was tied, and last year the Jayhawks made history.

This year, with injuiries and eligibility issues limiting what seemed like a never ending parade of talent on the roster, it became clear that The Streak was in jeopardy. So much so that it's become a media focus like never before. National writers are tweeting out updates on The Steak, and its odds of continuing.

Now we can do what normal fans get to do this time of year: focus on the NCAA Tournament, and how deep a run these Jayhawks can make. Probably not very deep, but who knows? They close the season Saturday, where they'll face Baylor on senior night in Lawrence (sans the seniors).