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Player Ratings to the Theme of State Flags

There are some good ones out there, and some not so good ones.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas is still in it. They’re hanging by a thread, but they’re still in it.

5 Stars: New Mexico

This is easily the best flag in the country, at least in my opinion. The red Zia sun in the middle incorporates Native American heritage perfectly. As you go down this list, you’ll see I like to keep it simple.

No one was as awesome as this piece of state flag perfection.

4.5 Stars: Colorado and Arizona

Both are simple and to the point. The “C” on the Colorado flag is used on all sorts of Colorado merchandise, but is somehow not utilized enough. And that star and sun rays on the Arizona flag? Great.

Quentin Grimes was four of seven from three point land and a great defensive performance on that crucial possession late when KU was up by one. Has he turned the corner?

Dedric Lawson. Offensively, he started off slowly, like he wasn’t that interested in getting involved. But then came a few free throws and Dedric was off to another double-double. Finished with 20 and 15.

4 Stars: Maryland

Some people don’t like the flag of Maryland. Why? It’s awesome and incorporates the coat of arms of two prolific families of the colonial days: the Carvert-Crosslands family and that of Lord Baltimore.

We have a drop-off and no one stood out like top two performers.

3.5 Stars: South Carolina

A palm tree and a moon. That’s all South Carolina’s is and it’s pretty awesome. There are a lot of other issues with this state, and they’ve definitely had some flag related controversies, but the state flag is a thing of beauty.

Ochai Agbaji. Got away with one when he decided to guard that ghost instead of Lindy Waters on that last possession, but his three threes were critical. A decent bounceback game after a no-show against K-State.

The Mitch Lightfoot and David McCormack combo pack is pretty good! McCormack started off strong, Mitch came in and did what Mitch does. Mitvid McLightmack finished with 12 points and four rebounds.

3 Stars: Wyoming

OK, Wyoming, you almost had it. The bison is amazing, but the crest inside that bison is pointless. Get simpler and it’ll look much cleaner.

Marcus Garrett. Remember that stretch in the season when Garrett took over games and drove and scored and played good defense. He still does the last of those things at least.

2 Stars: Oklahoma

This is the reason for the post. Oklahoma almost gets it right: great Native American iconography (there’s even a peace pipe!), but then they ruin it by announcing that it is, in fact, the flag of Oklahoma. Words are NEVER needed on a flag. The great ones get the point across without them, and Oklahoma almost does it, but they went one step too far.

Devon Dotson. Not his day. Troubled with fouls, he never found his rhythm. Finished with four points and four assists. I’m looking for a monster game against OU from the freshman point guard.

KJ Lawson came in a hucked up some shots and Charlie Moore looked clueless again. Does Charlie Moore do anything that Chris Teahan can’t do? Honestly.

1 Star: Most States with a State Seal on their flag or words on their flag

As noted in the Wyoming section, state seals are cumbersome and usually consist of too much. Plus, they are almost indistinguishable from each other at distance so states feel the need to add the state name above or below the seal. Nope. That’s dumb. Also, nice mountains, Kansas flag.

No one was a one-star.

O Stars: Mississippi

Hey racists, get rid of the Confederate flag already. It might represent “heritage” or “legacy” or some other crap to you, but the only heritage it represents to most people is one of oppressive racism. I’m not even putting a picture of this ridiculous symbol of racism and obviously no one will ever play as poorly as a racist symbol.