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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Auburn

We get the crew together to tell you what is going to happen tonight.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Tennessee vs Auburn Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks are one game away from getting to go back home to play in the NCAA Tournament Midwest Region, but first they need to get through a stout Auburn team. Can they do it?

Fizzle406: Eh I think the season ends today. Auburn is gonna make it rain from 3 and turn us over early and often. It was a fun season but we aren’t making it out of the weekend. Auburn 76, Kansas 63

Kyle_Davis21: I’ve been somewhat underwhelmed by the few times I watched Auburn early in the year, so of course this is the matchup when Auburn is playing its best basketball of the season. But I’m still not sold that the Tigers can play a complete game, and maybe Kansas really is as locked in and focused as the team said coming out of the Northeastern game. I feel like this will be back and forth all game and come down to the final two minutes, and Kansas barely survives. Kansas 73, Auburn 71

David: For some reason, I only see this game playing out in two possible ways. The first scenario is that our worst fears come to fruition. Auburn turns KU over 20 times and hits 16 threes, and it’s over early. The other is Bill Self coming up with an incredible game plan against an unusual opponent, and the Jayhawks grind out a tough win. Because the first one seems more in character for both teams, I’ll pick that one. Auburn 84, Kansas 65

Mike.Plank: Yup I agree with David. Auburn is a nightmare matchup for this version of the Kansas Jayhawks. KU would have to have Auburn miss shots to have much of a chance here, and the Tigers are streaking right now. Auburn 85, Kansas 70.

Andy Mitts: I’m on record in multiple places saying that this is not going to end well for the Jayhawks. This isn’t a reverse jinx attempt, as I think this will be a back and forth game where Kansas dominate inside for a while with Auburn missing a few shots, and Auburn stringing together some steals and 3s. Ultimately, I think KU just can’t finish this one off. Auburn 74, Kansas 72.