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Player Ratings to the Theme of Eggs

The incredible, edible egg

Princess Eugenie Of York And Mr Brooksbank Wedding Cake Preparations Photo by Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Alright, I couldn’t really think of anything for this player ratings post on such quick turnaround, so we’re talking about eggs. I like eggs. Presumably, you like eggs. Eggs are delicious. Here are some ways that eggs taste good….or bad.

5 Stars: Fried

Over easy, over medium, sunny side up, over hard. It doesn’t matter. Fried eggs are awesome for breakfast or for breakfast at dinner or on a burger. They make things better. This is a fact.

Quentin Grimes. That first half performance was exactly what the doctor ordered. Five of five from deep and the confidence was building. Finished with 18 points, and eight rebounds.

4.5 Stars: Hard Boiled/Deviled

A good hard boiled egg is delicious with a dash of salt. But deviling a hardboiled egg makes it great. That creamy yolk, mustard, mayo, and paprika mix is so tasty.

Dedric Lawson was great again. He’s really benefitting from Mitch and David being presences inside. He had 24 points, and eight rebounds.

Marcus Garrett. After missing his first several bunnies, Marcus got it going and finally started looking like the pre-injury Marcus Garrett. He finished with eleven points and five rebounds in this one.

Devon Dotson. How good is this dude? Thirteen points, five rebounds, six assists, and only one turnover.

4 Stars: In Ramen

The classic seven-minute egg in a steaming bowl of ramen is pretty dang good. I always try to save those few egg bites for near the end of the bowl, but I never seem to manage to not eat it relatively quickly.

David McCormack is getting better and better each game. He finished with seven points and eight boards.

Mitch Lightfoot continues to do Mitch Lightfoot things.

3.5 Stars: In a cocktail

Adding that raw egg into a fine cocktail to make it nice and frothy is pretty tasty. Of course, it isn’t for everyone, but a nice Pisco Sour hits the spot almost every time.

Ochai Agbaji. He started slow and was subbed to start the second half, but maybe starting to get his stroke back...and just in time.

3 Stars: Scrambled

The three-star spot is always the “controversial” one. Don’t get me wrong, scrambled eggs are delicious, but I just always want every other egg choice over scrambled.

I’m just going to throw everyone else (KJ Lawson, Charlie Moore, Chris Teahan) right here in the three-star. Really no complaints about the play of anyone in this game.

2 Stars: Egg on a pizza

This is popular in Europe. I tried it, and it’s not for me.

1 Star: Raw

Pop one of these in your morning shake and you’re gold like any other 1980’s body builder.